President Trump Doesn’t Fare Too Well In Latest Poll

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President Donald Trump’s approval rating has plummeted, according to an ABC News-Washington Post poll released today, via Langer Research.

The poll reveals a purported sentiment creeping across America, one that the man in charge of the country is seemingly faltering in his duties.

According to the poll, almost half (48 percent) of Americans reported that they have “no confidence at all” in the president — and in his ability to make decisions that are good for the country.

Sixteen percent of the poll’s respondents claim they have “just some” confidence in the president, while 35 percent say that they do have confidence in Trump. Only 21 percent claim to have a “great deal” of confidence in the president.

It isn’t just the president that didn’t perform well in the poll, either. Thirty percent report having no confidence in Republican Congressional lawmakers compared to 29 percent for Democrats.

In January of 2017, 61 percent of poll respondents reported their view of the president’s job pertaining to the economy as “excellent/good.” That figure dropped to 49 percent in the January 2019 poll.

For jobs, 59 percent claimed Trump was doing any excellent/good job in 2017, a number that shifted downward slightly to 51 percent in Monday’s poll. Terrorism was ranked at 56 percent excellent/good in January 2017’s poll, which declined to 50 percent in January of 2019.

The president’s approval rating pertaining to the budget deficit took quite a hit. In January 2017, 50 percent of poll respondents awarded him an excellent/good rating. But in January of 2019, only 33 percent of Americans thought he was doing an excellent/good job in this area.

Middle class poll respondents don’t appear to be as supportive as they were in January of 2017. Fifty percent gave the president an excellent/good rating in the category of “helping middle class,” which dropped to 41 percent in the January 2019 poll.

The category of Supreme Court appointments declined six percent from 49 to 43 percent between the two polls, and “international crisis” dropped just one point from 44 to 43 percent. Trump’s approval rating for race relations was at 40 percent in the 2017 poll, which dropped to 34 percent in today’s poll. Women’s issues shifted downward four percent — from 37 to 33 percent — from 2017 to 2019.

Poll respondents rewarded the president with a 44 percent approval rating regarding health care in January of 2017, which dropped to 33 percent in the latest poll.

According to ABC News, Trump’s personal ratings also took a hit. Only 32 percent of Americans see him in a positive light, which places him just two points away from Former President Bill Clinton’s record low rating at the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Another interesting poll result was that anywhere from 56 to 65 percent of people polled gave Trump negative ratings for “having brought needed change” to Washington, D.C. — as well as having the right personality and temperament for the office. These respondents also gave Trump low marks on the matter of being honest and trustworthy, as well as on the subject of understanding Americans’ problems and concerns.

There is also division between genders. Twenty-one percent of Democratic men view Trump “favorably” as a person, while only five percent of Democratic women view him the same.

The poll was conducted for ABC by Langer Research Associates. The ABC News-Washington Post poll was conducted among 1,001 adults between the time period of January 21 through January 24. This sampling period happened to coincide with the final days of the longest partial government shutdown in U.S. history.