‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Liz Reaches Out, Sam Has Plans, And Ryan’s Scrambling Continues

Craig SjodinABC

Fans will have plenty to buzz about during the week of January 28, according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. Ryan is determined to finish what he started with Lulu, but he’s going to be facing questions from Robert, Anna, and Finn. Elizabeth and Franco are worried about Aiden, and both Sam and Alexis are worried about Kristina.

According to Soap Central, Liz will reach out to Brad for some help, and it seems likely that she’ll be looking for resources and support in terms of Aiden’s struggles. SheKnows Soaps shares that at the end of the week, Franco will be furious over something. At this point, it’s not known whether he’s angry over something happening at school to Aiden, or if his anger is related to something else.

Sam is intensely suspicious of Shiloh, and General Hospital spoilers hint that she’s going to formulate a plan to uncover the truth about the Dawn of Day leader. The word is that she and Jason will need to keep their reunion quiet as Sam tries to get closer to Shiloh, and things could get dangerous as this plays out.

Previews hint that Sam will tell Kristina about her suspicions regarding Shiloh stalking her and Kristina will put Shiloh on blast. However, the truth is likely far more complicated than what Sam thinks she’s figured out at this point.

As the Inquisitr noted previously, Sam isn’t the only loved one of Kristina’s who will work on learning more about Shiloh. Alexis will take a different approach, and this one may leave her a bit shaken up and facing some baggage she’s left unresolved.

Friday’s episode ended with Ryan seemingly trying to finish the job in regard to Lulu. The spoilers tease that he once again will be unsuccessful, but viewers will have to tune in to see just how that plays out. He’ll face questions from Anna, Robert, and Finn, and he’ll have a fair amount of scrambling to do this week to maintain his cover.

Laura will be feeling desperate this week as she waits for her daughter to recover, gets accustomed to her role as mayor, and checks in with Jordan about the investigation. General Hospital spoilers have suggested that she will be edging closer and closer to figuring out the truth about “Kevin,” but she won’t be the only one getting close to uncovering the reality of what’s been happening.

Drew and Kim will continue to get closer to one another and viewers will see Carly spend some time with Griffin. The real Kevin seemingly gets some scenes this week, and the spoilers hint that Ryan may pay him a visit to fill him in on what he’s been up to as he digs for information about Dr. Cabot.

Julian will try to keep Willow from getting too close to “Wiley,” and Willow will be feeling a bit torn between Chase and Michael as this storyline moves forward. In addition, the spoilers reveal that Brad will also get a warning about getting too close to Willow, and it seems likely this comes from Julian as he tries to keep the baby swap story from exploding.

There’s more with Sonny making the hard decision to move Mike into a care facility, and it sounds as if viewers will see more of Jason and Sam together too. It should be a week jam-packed with action and these new General Hospital spoilers tease that there’s a lot of great stuff on the way.