Sandy Hook ‘Shooting Game’ Gets Teacher Suspended [Video]

Newnan, GA – A substitute thought it would be a good idea to teach a group of students about the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting by playing a game in which … he pretended to shoot them.

The Odyssey School in Newnan, Georgia, has suspended a teacher for playing a hide-and-seek game with first graders and pretending to shoot them, reports MSN. Sounds mostly harmless, even with schools as on-edge as they are, except that the game was actually designed to teach kids about the Sandy Hook shooting.

The teacher in question is a middle school band director who was substituting a first grade physical education class for a colleague. He has been suspended and will undergo required professional training. The students have been offered counseling.

Odyssey School Executive Director Andy Geeter said that the teacher in question was well-meaning, but exercised poor judgment, according to Fox Atlanta.

“There are things that you can and can’t do, and it shows, if nothing else, that you just can’t do security off the cuff. You have to train and prepare for it,” Geeter said.

Letter have been sent out to first grade parents, and some have reported that their kids are having nightmares over the incident.

The teacher who has been suspended is said to be one of the school’s most popular instructors.

“We have a teacher who is the first person to volunteer for things. He would be the first person to protect kids in a crises, who made a bad decision,” Geeter said.

What do you think? Were the teacher’s actions misguided, yet understandable, or should his punishment be more severe? Sound off below the video:

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