'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: Second HOH Planning Backdoor Eviction

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Celebrity Big Brother Season 2.

For fans who stay away from spoilers and the live feeds, Celebrity Big Brother will reveal the second head of household (HOH) tonight as Week 2 begins on CBS. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kato Kaelin won the second HOH competition after beating out his fellow roommates in an endurance competition. Kato eventually nominated Tamar Braxton and Dina Lohan for eviction, but rumblings on the live feeds are suggesting a backdoor plan is in motion.

Live feeds Twitter account BB Updates documented most of the conversations yesterday between the houseguests, revealing that Ryan Lochte may be the true target for the week. Kato has discussed backdooring the Olympian with Lolo Jones, Tom Green, Natalie Eva Marie, and Ricky Williams. Kato believes the ideal plan for the week is to remove Tamar from the block and replace her with Ryan. The medal-winning swimmer is expecting to be backdoored, so it might not come as much of a surprise since he is one of the most athletic contenders in the house.

Kato also mentioned that if nominations stayed the same -- meaning the "power of veto" winner does not change up the houseguests sitting on the block -- Dina should be the one to go over Tamar. The HOH also discussed wanting either Dina, Ryan, or Joey Lawrence out this week. With a plan to backdoor Ryan, Joey shouldn't end up on the block at all.

The backdoor plan will have to go in motion very quickly as the power of veto competition and veto ceremony will both take place live on Monday night's episode. The competition and meeting will be followed promptly by a live eviction, which will remove one more person from the house. Kato's loyal alliance member, Tom, noted that he was more worried about Joey in the game over Dina, so the Blossom star could be a target sooner rather than later. However, Kato did mention to Joey that he was safe for the week, but promises are never what they seem in the Big Brother house.
A new alliance formed between Kato, Tom, Natalie, and Lolo, which Ricky has become privy to. Tom explained that Ricky might be one of the bigger threats in the game since he knows about their alliance, but the girls disagreed.

The next episode of Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. The live eviction will follow on Monday night.