iOS 12.1.3 Reportedly Causing Connectivity Issues For Several iPhone Users

iPhone owners thinking about updating their devices and installing iOS 12.1.3 might want to hold off for the meantime, as a new report suggests that the software isn’t just compromising cellular data support, but also cutting off Wi-Fi for many users.

As detailed in Gordon Kelly’s Nasty Surprises column for Forbes, a number of complaints have been raised about iOS 12.1.3 since its rollout. A number of users have observed that the update has a negative effect on cellular data for iPhone users. However, with more iPhone owners installing the new software on their devices, it appears that Wi-Fi connectivity could also get turned off as a result of the upgrade.

“@AppleSupport PLEASE, Fix iOS 12, 12.1.3 is killing my Wi-Fi connection, and my Wi-Fi is WORKING FINE, on my other devices, and my cellular isn’t as bad as other in this update, but it still freezes and lags too much, Please tell us all you have a fix! #iOS #Apple,” read the tweet of one user quoted by Forbes.

In addition to the above complaint, as well as claims that both Wi-Fi and cellular support are simultaneously affected, other users tweeted that updating from iOS 12.1.2 to 12.1.3 has caused their Wi-Fi connection on their iPhones to go from bad to worse. Some users noted that the problem persists across different networks. Furthermore, multiple iPhone owners observed that their cellular speeds had gone down to about 10 to 20 megabytes per second.

However, it appears that there might be some workarounds for the Wi-Fi problem in specific, as one user was quoted as saying they were able to rectify the issue by turning airplane mode on, then off again.

The Wi-Fi and cellular problems are nothing new for many iPhone owners. Forbes‘ Kelly noted that the first complaints regarding Wi-Fi speeds emerged after iOS 12.1.2 rolled out last month, with the cellular bug dating back a bit further to the release of iOS 12.1.1. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, iOS 12.1.2 was intended as a fix for the cellular data problems but had instead made things worse for iPhone users across several models and from different parts of the world.

“Apple’s pledge with iOS 12 was to focus on performance and reliability. It actually fulfilled its promise on speed, which makes iOS 12 a very appealing upgrade, but its failure with reliability is twofold,” Kelly wrote.

As noted by TechRadar, iOS 12.1.3 was designed to squash a “handful” of iOS 12 bugs, including a problem with the Messages app, where users would see “grayed-out” boxes instead of the photos shared between both people in a conversation. But even with those fixes in mind, Kelly concluded by warning users against installing the software, given how Apple doesn’t appear to be prioritizing the long-running Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity issues.