Sarah Palin’s Son Track Released By Alaska Department Of Corrections

Justin SullivanGetty Images

Sarah Palin’s oldest son, Track, has been released from a residential confinement center after he was sentenced and charged for domestic violence. The Alaska Department of Corrections released the father of two much earlier than expected.

TMZ says that Track Palin was sentenced to live at the Cordova Residential Center for a year after assaulting his girlfriend. Palin checked in on December 5 and was released on January 24, which means that Palin served just over a month of his 12-month sentence.

Court documents indicate that the reason for the early release was for time that Track spent wearing an electronic monitor previously. That being said, this was not Palin’s first arrest that combined substance abuse and violence. Track Palin had previously been charged with assaulting his former wife and his father, stealing property, and threatening others with firearms.

CBS News says that in October, Anchorage District Court Judge David Wallace said that Palin had violated the plea agreement he was already living under, and that he needed to move into a halfway house. Judge Wallace told Sarah Palin’s son that he needed to check into the Cordova Residential Center by the end of the month, but he was allowed to postpone that until the first week of December for unknown reasons.

Track Palin’s early release from the halfway house is the latest in what appears to be special treatment by the Alaska Criminal Justice system after his mother served as state governor — and then as John McCain’s vice presidential candidate on the Republican ticket against Barack Obama and Joe Biden — says the Inquisitr.

Track had previously been sentenced to counseling through the veteran’s court program in Wasilla, Alaska, and after his probation violation, he was likely to go to jail to finish out his sentence. Instead, he was sent to the halfway house.

Track Palin is free again, but the mothers of his two children have sought restraining orders against him to protect themselves and their children.

After Track was arrested in October for assaulting Jordan Loewe (the mother of his son, Charlie), she applied for an order of protection for herself and her son, says the Inquisitr. Britta Hanson, Track’s former wife and mother of his daughter, had already been granted a longterm order of protection for herself and her daughter.

It’s unclear where Track Palin is currently living now that he has been released from the halfway house, and he is reportedly still estranged from his parents.