Kailyn Lowry Is Still Refusing To Film 'Teen Mom 2,' Slams MTV For Failing To Protect Her

Kailyn Lowry is putting her foot down with MTV when it comes to returning to production on Teen Mom 2.

After witnessing an Instagram live video, in which Jenelle Evans' mother, Barbara Evans, encouraged Jenelle and her co-star, Brittany DeJesus, to "go kill Kail," Kailyn addressed her thoughts on the threats and her future with the network during an episode of her podcast series, Coffee Convos.

"It really comes down to principle for me. I'm hurt that I'm part of a franchise that's not protecting its cast," Kailyn explained, according to a January 25 report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

According to Kailyn, she's not filming and at this point, it is unclear when she will resume production, especially considering MTV seems to be in no hurry to take any sort of action against Barbara.

"I'm not up in arms about it; I'm not freaking out. I'm not yelling or crying or any of that. I simply just don't want to film if they're going to continue to do this. I'm tired of their behavior going unnoticed [by the producers]," Kailyn added.

Although Kailyn acknowledged that she and Barbara haven't had issues in the past, she said she took her murderous statement seriously because of the many guns and other weapons Jenelle's husband, David Eason, has been flaunting on his Instagram page over the past several months.

Following Jenelle's sharing of her mother's kill statement about Kailyn, a Teen Mom 2 producer reached out to her and made sure they apologized for what was said. However, according to Kailyn, it isn't an apology that she wants.

Kailyn Lowry went on to tell her fans and followers that she is afraid to attend a Teen Mom 2 reunion because of Jenelle Evans and David Eason. Even if she is kept away from the couple on-set, there is no one protecting her when she is out and about in the city.

Kailyn and Jenelle's issues have been going on for several years and due to David's many comments about her and her life, things between them have become further tense in recent years. Most recently, as some may have seen on Instagram, David slammed Kailyn's size and accused her of wanting to have sex with anyone, no matter what their gender.

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