CoCo Spoofs Carnival Cruise Disaster [Video]

Conan O’Brien (or CoCo), the late night talk show comedian, spoofed the news about the Carnival Cruise ship disaster on his latest show, Conan.

As the video begins, according to the Huffington Post, Conan O’Brien begins with the original story:

“Passengers have been stranded for days with no air conditioning, raw sewage everywhere. Now this is not Carnival’s … I think this is, actually …”

Conan turns to ask Andy Richter, off-screen, who quickly confirms his next few words, as “CoCo” continues:

“Carnival’s third engine [fire] since 2010, you know, and you’d think Carnival Cruise’s PR would be at an all-time low.”

Conan O’Brien then goes for the build-up:

“These incidents pale in comparison to some of Carnival’s disasters in the past.”

Conan O’Brien turns once again to Andy Richter, off screen:

“They’ve actually had worse things happen to them, in terms of Public Relations.”

Turning back to the audience, “CoCo” continues:

“Yeah, for example, who can forget when a ship accidentally plowed into thousands of floating swastika stickers, and was afloat, yeah.”

We see an image of the Carnival Cruise ship covered in red swastikas all about its lower hull, as Conan O’Brien starts commenting on the next image:

“They were stuck there for months. … And of course the gigantic crash of sixteen ships spelling out from the sky, the words ‘We suck.'”

Again, we cut to an image of a myriad of ships (more than 16) positioned in the water literally spelling the aforementioned words. CoCo says something else, but the audience’s applause and laughter drowns out his words.

Conan concludes:

“If you’re with Carnival now, you’ve gotta be depressed.”

What did you think of Conan’s spoof of the Carnival Cruise ship disaster?