Meghan Markle’s Pregnancy Riles Up Conspiracy Theorists Who Suggest She’s Faking It, Per ‘AOL’

Jeff SpicerGetty Images

It’s not easy to be Meghan Markle because after all, the world is constantly critiquing her every move. And now, a new conspiracy theory has taken hold of some royal fans, who claim that the Duchess is faking her pregnancy, and that she and Prince Harry are potentially using a surrogate, according to AOL. One Twitter user pointed at a video that was shot of Meghan kneeling down in heels, and later published by the Daily Mail. Many are wondering how Meghan had the agility to kneel down so easily when she’s supposed to be around six months pregnant. On the other hand, many yoga enthusiasts have defended the Duchess against these conspiratorial claims, saying that it’s not that surprising for someone who is into yoga to be able to easily squat, even during pregnancy.

The conspiracy was also covered by the Daily Express, which cited many social media users going back and forth about whether Meghan’s bump looks normal or not. With all of these theories flying around, it appears that one thing is for sure: Markle will continue to be scrutinized heavily no matter what. Considering the large amount of media attention that surrounded her black nail polish and her cradling her baby bump “too much,” none of this is completely out of left field.

This is hardly the first time that the baby has led to drama. After all, the announcement of the royal baby led many of Meghan’s American family members to make comments to the media. And as of late, her dad, Thomas, has spoken out repeatedly in hopes of reconciling with his daughter. He’s hoping to meet his future grandchild, and has even suggested that he will use legal means in order to meet him or her one day.

At any rate, here are some of Meghan’s defenders on social media, who sound completely disgusted by the conspiracy theories.

“For the uneducated who are insisting that Meghan Markle is faking her pregnancy: Isn’t it more likely that she’s wearing a maternity support belt than the entire royal family conspiring to trick the world?”

Another user chimed in, saying that “These conspiracy theories are ridiculous. Do you honestly believe that Harry and Meghan are faking a pregnancy in front of the entire planet? This is absurd…. What drives you to believe that the entire royal family is in on a scam to fake a pregnancy on Meghan’s behalf?”