‘Blue Fairy’ Arrested During NYC Drug Bust [Video]

A woman who dressed as blue fairy in a rap video was one of several individuals arrested by police during a recent drug bust in New York City.

Sharissa Turk played a blue fairy with an affinity for prescription pills in an online rap video. According to the New York Daily News, the 22-year-old woman was one of several individuals rounded up during a drug bust on Staten Island.

The so-called “blue fairy” was escorted from her job at Edible Arrangements and charged with the criminal sale of a controlled substance. Authorities said Turk sold Oxycodone to undercover police officers no less than three times during their operation.

Police reportedly seized Oxycodone, Vicodin, Xanax, heroin, and cocaine from several locations around Staten Island. Officers also confiscated several guns and around $17,000 in cash.

ABC News explains that Turk appears as a “blue fairy” in the online rap video by the White Trash Clan. The song, entitled “My World is Blue,” reportedly glorifies the illegal use of prescription drugs. Sharissa can be found blowing pixie dust into the camera at one point in the clip.

Some of the lyrics include:

“I can stop when I want to / I’m not addicted / I don’t take pills / crush and sniff it / Blue is my world in this life how I live it / Come out to Staten Island, pay a little visit.”

The video was originally uploaded onto YouTube in July of last year. Since its debut, the clip has been viewed a little over 14,000 times. The disclaimer in the description reads: “White Trash does not encourage the use of drugs.”

An anonymous user posted beneath the video:

“yo good looks, we did this video to raise awareness of a serious problem on staten island. i aint touched one of those pills in years. peace.”

You can check out the “My World is Blue” video below. The clip does contain some foul language, so proceed with caution.

In addition to the “blue fairy,” DNA Info reports that 32 suspects ranging from ages 18 to 54 were arrested during the drug bust on Staten Island. These folks currently face numerous drug and weapon charges.