Times Square Drug Bust Yeilds 100 Pounds Of Cocaine

A drug bust in Times Square last month resulted in the recovery of three suitcases filled with more than 100 pounds of cocaine. Police arrested six people for drug trafficking on October 25 and seized more than $5 million worth of cocaine.

According to the NY Post, the drug bust occurred around the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Times Square. State police were watching the hotel on October 25 when they noticed Fernando Alvarado, 23, leave the building with a suitcase. Alvarado stepped into a waiting BMW and pulled away with his driver Gerinerdo Hernandez. The two men were pulled over and busted with more than 30 pounds of cocaine.

Police observed another man leaving the hotel with a similar suitcase. Luis Cuevas-Muniz, 25, placed his suitcase, which contained more than 60 pounds of cocaine, into a cab and walked back into the hotel. Police followed him and found another suitcase filled with another 20 pounds of cocaine.

Police arrested Muniz and his driver, Roberto Alvarez, as well as two other men they found in a hotel room. Police didn’t find any more drugs in the hotel room but they did find several plane tickets, cell phones, and drug trafficking materials.

All six man have been indicted on conspiracy and drug possession.The defendants were arraigned this morning and are being held without bail. They will appear on court on December 17.