Rob Gronkowski’s Girlfriend Camille Kostek Defends Him Against Patriots Haters

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Super Bowl LIII will take place in two weeks with the Los Angeles Rams representing the NFC and the New England Patriots once again representing the AFC. On Sunday, the Pats defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 37-31 in overtime and some fans feel as if that is what the NFL wanted to happen. For those who are hating on the Pats, though, tight end Rob Gronkowski’s girlfriend Camille Kostek was quick to shut them down.

There was a lot of controversy on Sunday with a controversial no-call in the Rams vs. New Orleans Saints game, and the second game had some as well. A number of weird officiating decisions also have numerous people calling “foul” on the Pats vs. Chiefs game as well.

Some are saying that the NFL wanted it this way and that the whole Championship Weekend was fixed to have the Patriots vs. the Rams in the Super Bowl. It is believed that this would be the biggest TV money game out of the options and that the fix was in.

Camille Kostek, Rob Gronkowski’s swimsuit model girlfriend, simply wasn’t having any of it and chose to speak her mind. As reported by TMZ Sports, she let the world know exactly why everyone keeps hating on her boyfriend and the entire Patriots’ franchise.

“You hate us ’cause you ain’t us.”

Considering the success of the New England Patriots over the last two decades, it really is kind of difficult to argue with that logic. Kostek is a former cheerleader and does some swimsuit modeling for Sports Illustrated, but she was a bit more bundled up in frigid Kansas City.

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The Patriots are heading to Atlanta to take on the Los Angeles Rams who defeated the New Orleans Saints 26-23 in overtime on Sunday. It was a huge game in a very loud Mercedes-Benz Superdome which had some controversy of its own, and as the Inquisitr is reporting, fans are petitioning for a rematch.

Still, the Rams and quarterback Jared Goff are going to take on a very strong New England Patriots team on Sunday, February 3. Kostek is good friends with Jared Goff and they will remain that way, but she seems to already know what will happen in Super Bowl LIII.

“All I gotta say is, good luck! I think it’s gonna be a great game… Patriots coming out with a W.”

Camille Kostek is a big-time model, but she’s also a huge football fan and she will stand by her team through thick and thin. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that her boyfriend Rob Gronkowski is a member of the New England Patriots, but she’s still willing to put the haters in their place.