Ciara And Russell Wilson Politely Ignore Her Ex, Future, Spending Time With Their Children

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

To fans, Ciara and her husband, Russell Wilson, are a great example of what a healthy relationship should look like. But to her ex-boyfriend, Future, their relationship is lacking in many areas. While most fans insist Future is just bitter, the famed Atlanta rapper recently explained that’s not the case.

During a recent interview, Future slammed Russell and even went a step further insinuating Russell isn’t the man in his home. The “Neva End” rapper also shared how he really feels about the NFL baller being a stepfather to his son. Since the two have never actually had a conversation, Future is leery about Russell being in his son’s life.

As expected, Future’s quotes have gone viral and social media users have wasted no time reminding Future of his own shortcomings. Ciara’s fans have also been waiting patiently to see how she and Russell would respond to the backlash.

Now, the couple has responded, accordingly. According to HollywoodLife, an insider close to Ciara and Russell have revealed their take on the rapper’s latest interview. Apparently, Russell Wilson was actually “surprised” to hear what Future had to say. Ciara reportedly does not communicate with Future unless its necessary for the sake of their son. So, in an effort to “take the higher road,” Ciara and Russell reportedly have no plans to confront Future or discuss what was said during the interview.

“Russell Wilson really has no relationship with Future at all, so he is really surprised by his comments,” an insider told the publication. “Ciara really only talks to Future when she has to and she and Russell want to take the higher road in all of this and aren’t surprised by his comments.”

The insider went on to share details about Russell’s relationship with his stepson. Although he and Future have never been on the best terms, Russell and Ciara are determined to maintain a positive life for the sake of both their children. So, they’ve reportedly made a mutual decision to ignore Future’s antics and opinions of their relationship.

“Russell treats their son just like his own and always has,” our source went on to say. “The only thing that matters to Russell and Ciara are the kids, which is why they are ignoring the comments Future has made so it’s really easy for them to ignore the comments and they really aren’t surprised he’s making them.”