‘MSNBC’ Panel Ridicules Rudy Giuliani: ‘This Has Got To Be The Worst Lawyer In The History Of Mankind’

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

President Donald Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, made a number of cable news appearances on Sunday morning. Notably, Giuliani’s interviews with NBC News host Chuck Todd and CNN’s Jake Tapper generated a lot of controversy, per the Hill.

The controversy exists not because Giuliani was fiercely and competently defending his prominent client, but because he made a number of shocking claims that can be interpreted as bad for President Trump. Giuliani discussed on State of the Union the BuzzFeed News explosive report alleging that Donald Trump ordered Michael Cohen to lie to Congress.

Giuliani told Jake Tapper that it is “possible” that Trump talked to Cohen ahead of his Congressional testimony, adding that, as far as he knows, the talks never took place. But during a separate appearance on NBC News, Giuliani said that he is “100 percent certain” that Trump never directed Cohen to lie to Congress.

Perhaps even more shockingly, according to Vox, Giuliani admitted to NBC News host Chuck Todd that the Trump Organization had “an active proposal” in Russia until October or November 2016. This new timeline revealed by Giuliani, according to the publication, does not look good for the president, since talks led by Cohen were, until recently, believed to have ended in June 2016.

Seemingly working against his own client is not new for Rudy Giuliani. For instance, in another TV interview broadcast earlier this week, Giuliani accidentally hinted at Russian collusion, saying that “if the collusion happened, it happened a long time ago,” per Rolling Stone.

Now, following Rudy Giuliani’s “bumbling” and “insane” TV performances, Raw Story is reporting that an entire MSNBC panel hilariously ridiculed and mocked the lawyer.

“Every week, Rudy Giuliani gets on national TV and confesses another crime,” commentator Tara Dowdell said, adding that she expects Giuliani to publicly admit that Donald Trump is “guilty of everything” in as little as two weeks.

Former member of the Republican Party and staunch Trump critic, Kurt Bardella, wondered whether Giuliani and the president even communicate.

“It is almost like, did Rudy talk to Donald Trump at all? This has got to be the worst lawyer in the history of mankind. He should be disbarred for being such a terrible lawyer.”

Bardella added that Giuliani appears to have a tendency to contradict himself constantly, sometimes in the same sentence.

Journalist E.J. Dionne questioned Giuliani’s ability to do the job President Trump hired him to do, saying that he does “not understand” how a former prosecutor can go on television and “say these things.”

“It is just astounding what has happened to Rudy Giuliani, so it is kind of a shame what’s happening,” Dionne concluded.