Paris Jackson Was 'Struggling For Some Time' Before Entering Treatment, Source Says

Melissa Binns

Paris Jackson has been battling mental health issues for a long time, People is reporting. On Tuesday, January 15, a source close to Jackson revealed that she had entered a treatment facility to "prioritize her physical and emotional health." Jackson took to Instagram for the first time in a month to claim the media was "exaggerating," and that she was just taking a break from work and from social media. According to a source, however, Jackson seeking treatment was an issue that had been a long time coming.

"She has been battling depression and is electively seeking help," revealed the source. "This isn't the first time she's sought professional treatment for her mental health and specifically depression."

The source also added that she's been "growing distant from her loved ones" -- aside from her brothers, 21-year-old Prince and 16-year-old Blanket -- the latter of whom now goes by B.G. or Bigi, per the Mirror.

"She is still close with her brothers but has been struggling for some time," the source said.

"There wasn't some big event that led to her seeking treatment," a different source revealed. "This was 100 percent her own decision. No one forced her to get help."

The 20-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson has always been open about her struggles, revealing that she deals with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. She even attempted suicide multiple times, one of which was publicized in 2013 -- when she was just 15 years old. Fortunately, the 2013 attempt finally led to her entering a residential treatment program, and to getting the help she needed.

Now, Jackson is sharing on Instagram that she's "happy and healthy" following the reports of her entering treatment again, and said that "everyone deserves a break." Jackson has often used social media to set the record straight. In April of 2018, she used Instagram to laugh at reports that said she was heading for a "serious meltdown."

Now that Jackson is getting to a better place, she says she's excited to release some music from her new band, The Sound Flowers. According to another article from People, she takes after her father when it comes to her passion for music. She's actually an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, and has spoken of writing songs in the past as well. While Jackson appears to be resting up for now, fans can gear up for some music from her -- to be released later in the year.

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