Killer Whale Gives Birth At SeaWorld On Valentine’s Day [Video]

San Diego, FL – A killer whale gave birth a SeaWorld San Diego on Valentine’s Day. Kasatka gave birth to a healthy calf, her fourth. The whale’s birth experience was captured on video. The amazing water birth of the massive new arrival is going viral online.

Killer whale calves typically weight between 287 and 485 pounds, MSN notes. The killer whale gestation lasts 18 months. The SeaWorld San Diego video shows the large bundle of joy swimming around its momma’s tail. Not long after Kasataka gave birth on Valentine’s Day, the calf swam to the surface and took its first breath of fresh air.

The baby whale has not yet been named, Channel 9 News notes. The SeaWorld newborn weighs about 150kg and is approximately two meters long. The latest addition to the whale habitat makes the sixth successful killer whale birth at the San Diego facility.

Zoologist Mike Scarpuzzi had this to say about the Valentine’s Day killer whale birth:

“Our initial observations indicate this is a strong healthy calf. As with any newborn, the first few days are critical. We’re looking forward to the continued bonding of mom and calf and the baby beginning to nurse.

The average size of a SeaWorld killer whale female is about 18 feet, according to the park’s website. Male whales average closer to 22 feet. The whales are often referred to as the “top predator” of the ocean. Although the massive creatures have no natural enemies, pollution and “overfishing” have reportedly threatened the wild population. The Southern Resident community of killer whales in the eastern section of the North Pacific Ocean is noted on the endangered species list.

[Image Via: SeaWorld]