Killer Whales Trapped Under Ice In Canada

Killer whales trapped under a sheet of ice in the Hudson Bay are struggling to survive now that the hole that they’ve been using for air is shrinking.

So far 12 killer whales have been discovered sharing air through a small hole in the ice at the eastern top of the Hudson Bay. The Canadian federal government has sent a team of experts to the area to determine whether or not the whales can be saved.

According to CBC News Montreal the hole the killer whales are using to breathe from is shrinking and the creatures don’t have a lot of time for a decision to be made on their future.

Mayor Pete Inupuk tells CBC News:

“It appears from time to time that they panic. Other times they are gone for a long time, probably looking for another open space, which they are not able to find.”

He holds out hope that the killer whales can be saved:

“It’s only been two days that the bay froze up. It’s not thick, thick as in previous years. I am sure an icebreaker could come up and open a route for them.”

However, he also explains the his community does not have the tools to do the job itself and outside help would be needed to save the whales.

While it is not unusual for marine mammals to become trapped under ice, that this could be the first time killer whales have been spotted in Canada in January. Here is a video of the trapped whales:

Do you know any other stories of animals being saved from possibly deadly circumstances?

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