Over 68,000 Pounds Of Frozen Chicken Nuggets Recalled After Customers Find Wood Chips In Product

If you’re a fan of frozen chicken nuggets, you might want to check the label: Perdue Foods has issued a recall for 68,244 pounds of chicken nuggets, as reported by Fox 8.

The recall was issued after customers called in complaining about a very strange addition to their ready-made nuggets. According to multiple reports, pieces of wood were found inside the nuggets.

“The problem was discovered when the firm received three consumer complaints that wood was found in the product,” the Food Safety and Inspection Service said in a statement.

As of this writing, there have been no reports of customers experiencing illness or physical distress as a result of eating the chicken nuggets. However, officials are advising people to not consume the product. If you have eaten the chicken nuggets and feel unwell or have concerns, you are advised to contact a doctor immediately.

So how do you know if your Perdue nuggets are in the danger zone? Luckily, there are a few ways to find out if your food has been recalled. The recalled chicken nuggets were reportedly produced on October 25 of last year. They have an expiration date of October 25, 2019. Their UPC bar code reads 72745-80656, and they were shipped nationwide.

Officials are concerned that customers could have frozen bags of the contaminated nuggets sitting in their freezers. They’re urging everyone to check if their food is part of the recall. If it is, dispose of it immediately or take it back to the retailer you purchased it from.

With people up in arms about finding wood in their frozen food, Perdue has gone into damage control mode. The company was quick to point out that these were only isolated incidents, and that consumers found a “minimal amount” of packages that could contain wood. Perdue insists that the larger recall of nuggets produced during the same time is simply them being overly cautious.

The timing of the recall comes at a point when consumers are particularly concerned about the quality of their food. As the government shutdown drags on towards its one-month anniversary, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has expressed concern over the lack of available agents, per CNN. TSA agents were recently ordered to return to their work — without pay.

Although the chicken nuggets being recalled by Perdue were sent out long before the shutdown began, the recall itself has raised concerns about how we’re ensuring the food we eat will stay safe — and how to keep people from getting sick, especially now.