Kate Hudson And Goldie Hawn Share Hilarious Antics Of Delivery Room During Birth Of Rani Rose

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Leave it to Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn to bring the funny to a delivery room story.

Today, the mother/ daughter duo appeared together as co-hosts on the Ellen DeGeneres Show where they talked about the birth of Hudson’s third child, daughter Rani Rose. According to E! Online, Hudson went into hilarious detail about just how involved her mother was with her birth.

“As you might know, we had my daughter,” Hudson jokingly told the audience. “Which is kind of how it goes down in the birthing room, anyway.”

Goldie then hilariously goes on to explain that during the delivery, she did a few things that irritated her daughter. Some examples included bringing a lotus and asking her to smell it, eating too many Doritos and at one point, Kate even asked Goldie to put down the piece of pizza that she was holding. It was also revealed that Hawn got a little to close for comfort.

“[The doctor] was sort of like this, leaning down, doing the thing…and I’m trying to get in on him to try to look over his shoulder. Now I see the head and I’m going, ‘Oh! There’s the head!’ Then it went back, and he said, ‘Goldie, if you get any closer, you’re going to fall in!'”

During the opening segment, Hudson also explained to viewers that she had plans to give birth to her baby girl naturally but once she got to the hospital, she decided to throw the natural thing out the window and get an epidural after all.

“The doctor was amazing. But mom, once again—she was right in there!” Hudson said.

And even though she may have just given birth to her daughter a few months ago, Hudson recently confessed that she definitely still has babies on the brain. As the Inquisitr shared, baby Rani was the first child for Kate Hudson and her boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa. Hudson has sons Ryder and Bingham from previous relationships but Rani was the first child for Danny.

Now, Hudson says that she wants to “pump them out” because she really wants to be able to give Danny a little boy of his own. At one point, the mother of three says that she thought she could be done having children, but it is really important to her to share more little ones with Fujikawa.

Additionally, dished that the couple does not have an immediate plan in place to expand their family, but she is hoping that everything ends up working out for her and Danny. When she was little, Hudson said that she always had dreams of having a big family and maybe now that fantasy can become a reality for the 39-year-old.