Daryl Hannah Arrested: Sean Hannity Promises To Refund Bail

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity promised to reimburse Daryl Hannah for the bail money she was forced to pay following her recent arrest.

The Kill Bill co-star was busted at a climate change rally on Valentine’s Day in Washington, D.C. According to the Examiner, this didn’t stop Hannah from sitting down with Sean Hannity later that day.

Although Hannity and Hannah would ultimately go back and forth about Keystone XL oil pipeline, their conversation started out pleasant enough. During her appearance on the Fox News Channel, Hannity agreed to refund the actress’ $100 after failing to bail her out of jail.

The Hollywood Reporter explains that Sean Hannity opened the show with a video of the actress in handcuffs before settling in for the discussion.

He said:

“So you got out of jail in time. Last time you were on the program, I said I would bail you out of jail. I tried to do it the last time you were arrested, and I wasn’t able to. So how do I bail you out?”

Hannah shot back with:

“That’s because my bail was too big last time. Now you only owe me a hundred bucks.”

According to Politico, Daryl Hannah and Sean Hannity debated back and forth about the dangers of the oil pipeline. Although supporters feel that Keystone XL will help create jobs, opponents are worried about the dangers it poses to the enviornment.

Hannah asked Hannity during the four-minute segment:

“You have children, right? You want them to live in a world where there’s water and food and a livable climate [and] that they won’t be struggling to survive, right?”

Since Sean Hannity feels global warming and climate change is “nonsense,” the two never saw eye-to-eye on any of the issues. However, the host ended the segment by promising to mail Daryl Hannah $100 for bail.