Giuliani ‘Hates’ His Job Working For Trump, Finds President Hard To Work For, Per ‘Vanity Fair’

Drew AngererGetty Images

Rudy Giuliani has been making media appearances defending and representing President Donald Trump for a number of months now, always supporting the president and his administration. However, a supposed insider is opening up and saying that the former New York Mayor ultimately is not enjoying his work for the controversial president.

Vanity Fair reports that Rudy Giuliani’s relationship with President Donald Trump is becoming increasingly strained. The unnamed Republican who was said to have been briefed on Giuliani’s current thinking on the situation has dished on how difficult things are said to be at this point.

“Rudy hates the job. Trump is very hard to deal with.”

The media outlet notes that it reached out to Giuliani for a comment on these comments, but they did not hear back from him.

As the Inquisitr recently detailed, another Vanity Fair report has shared that Giuliani is said to be quite anxious about the pending Mueller report. Insiders say that Giuliani is telling people that anticipates the first portion of the Mueller report to come out within the next month or so. Granted, the Mueller team has not shared any specifics regarding when they expect to release a report and previously anticipated release dates have come and gone without anything being revealed.

Giuliani has consistently generated buzz with his media appearances as he represents the president. He has never revealed any signs indicating that he hates his current job or is struggling to get along with Trump, and there is little doubt he would deny those allegations publicly.

The Washington Examiner notes that Giuliani joined the Trump legal team in April 2018 after quite a bit of upheaval with the president’s personal legal team. At the time, Giuliani said he believed he could help bring the Mueller investigation to an end within a couple of weeks. However, those goal posts have been moved multiple times now over the past year.

For his part, Giuliani has lashed out at reports like this in the past. Another recent report by Vanity Fair writer Gabriel Sherman that was detailed via the Inquisitr sparked an intense reaction from the lawyer via his Twitter page.

In that recent instance, Giuliani argued that it was fake news and that he wasn’t called for comment at the time. In all likelihood, few would be surprised if he said similar things with these reports that he hates his job working for Trump. Law & Crime is also reporting on the latest Vanity Fair report, and they detail that they also reached out to the lawyer for comment and received no response.

How much longer can Rudy Giuliani keep spinning things for President Donald Trump in regard to the Mueller investigation? Things are definitely heating up with this anticipated report and many would bet that things will get increasingly intense for the president and those working closely with him during this challenging time.