WWE Rumors: WWE ‘Fearful’ That ‘Monday Night Raw’ Tag Team Is Done With Company, Per ‘Fightful’


The Revival may have won their last match against Lucha House Party on Monday Night Raw, but reports suggest that the former NXT Tag Team Champions might be on their way out of the WWE after a main roster run that has widely been considered as disappointing.

In a report published Wednesday afternoon, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful cited unnamed sources familiar with the situation, noting that several people within WWE were “fearful” that Revival members Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder are “done or finishing up with the company.” While Sapp stressed that he wasn’t specifically told that Dawson and Wilder asked to be released by WWE, he added that there was a backstage “situation” that took place on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

“A release is anything but guaranteed, and our sources were quick to point out that everything is handled on a case-by-case basis,” Sapp added.

Considering how popular independent wrestling stable The Elite frequently references The Revival on their Being The Elite YouTube series, Sapp said that all of his sources see the group’s All Elite Wrestling (AEW) promotion as the “natural landing point” for the struggling tag team. However, he also cautioned that this is still speculative, as The Revival is still under contract with WWE.

As observed by Fightful‘s Sapp, his sources within the WWE told him that The Revival was, based on their most recent win over longtime rivals Lucha House Party, “in line for a push.” On the other hand, these sources also noted that WWE’s plans tend to change on a weekly basis.

Prior to Sapp’s report, he posted a tweet featuring an animated GIF of The Revival, with the words “Top Guys Out” on the bottom of the screen, a reference to the team’s nickname and the rumors they might be planning to leave the WWE. This prompted BodySlam.net to ask around and publish a report earlier on Wednesday that claimed Dawson and Wilder had actually asked for their releases.

As of this writing, details on the “situation” that allegedly caused WWE to be concerned over the possibility of The Revival leaving the company are still scant. WWE has also yet to respond to BodySlam.net and Fightful and comment on the matter. However, rumors surrounding the tag team’s poor reputation with WWE officials have been swirling since last year, when Revival member Wilder appeared to confirm that company chairman Vince McMahon was upset with the team for their use of the words “professional wrestling” in a promo. Per Wrestling Inc., this is among the many terms WWE discourages its performers from using when cutting on-air promos or skits.