‘The Conners’ Fans React To Darlene’s Surprising Offer From Her Boyfriend Ben

Eric McCandlessABC

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The Conners episode, “Don’t Shoot the Piano Teacher.”

The Conners could be headed out of Lanford—at least some of them. On Tuesday’s episode of the Roseanne spinoff, Darlene (Sara Gilbert) took a major step in her new relationship with her boss Ben (Jay R. Ferguson) by introducing him to her dad Dan (John Goodman), daughter Harris (Emma Kenney) and son Mark (Ames McNamara). Things go well enough that Ben offers to give Mark piano lessons for free, and Darlene jumps at the idea so she can secretly “test” her man’s parenting skills.

Unfortunately, Darlene and Ben butt heads after Mark skips practicing his piano scales and makes up his own song instead. Ben accuses Darlene of being a helicopter mom, and just when you think there’s no chance for a future with Darlene and her bossy boyfriend, he drops the bombshell that an investor wants him to relocate his mugshot publication Lock ‘Em Up to Chicago, and he invites her and the kids to move in with him. Darlene tells Ben the move-in idea “sounds amazing” but that she will have to talk to her kids about it.

But The Conners fans are already talking about it, and many of them don’t like the idea. After the episode aired, viewers took to Twitter to question why Darlene is moving so fast. Other fans are still shipping Darlene’s broken relationship with her kids’ father, David (Johnny Galecki). You can see some of the viewer reaction below.

Of course, if Darlene moves to Chicago, which is an hour away from the family’s Lanford hometown, it would change the dynamic of The Conners dramatically. And according to the episode synopsis for next week’s season finale, Darlene’s ex could bring another wrinkle into the situation.

According to The Futon Critic, the description for The Conners season finale, titled “We Continue to Truck,” reads, “As Darlene grapples with a life-changing offer from Ben, an unexpected conversation with David turns her world even more upside down.”

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Even if Darlene decides to move to Chicago with Ben, fans of the ABC sitcom could be left with a cliffhanger because the show has yet to be renewed for a second season.

In an interview with the New York Times, The Conners executive producer, Tom Werner, revealed that “there’s interest” in making another season of the show but that no deal had yet been made with ABC.

The Conners season finale airs Tuesday, January 22 at 8 p.m. on ABC.