Jeff Bezos And Lauren Sanchez Are ‘Madly In Love,’ According To New Report From ‘People’

It appears as though Jeff Bezos has already moved on from his wife of 25 years, MacKenzie Bezos.

The Amazon founder shocked the world when it was reported that he was seeing TV host Lauren Sanchez. As the Inquisitr shared, Jeff and MacKenzie released a joint statement on Twitter, letting fans know that their marriage was over. But based on the wording the tweet, it appeared as though the split was amicable. But shortly after the announcement, news broke that Jeff was already seeing Sanchez, who he actually met through her husband.

But now that their relationship is out in the open, People shares that the pair is incredibly in love despite the way that they met and the way that their relationship was made public.

“They’re madly in love and stronger than ever,” a source dished to the publication.

A source close to Lauren also dishes that she is very bubbly and social and is still the type of girl that would rent a helicopter and go to the famed Coachella music festival with friends. Despite the fact that she and Bezos appear to be polar opposites, an insider says that is one of the reasons why their relationship works so well.

“On the face of it, she seems like the polar opposite of Bezos, but maybe that’s why he was so drawn to her.”

Sanchez and her husband Patrick Whitesell were married for 13 years before they decided to split. A source close to the couple reported that their relationship was up and down for a while prior to Sanchez being linked to Bezos. Whitesell and Sanchez share two children together, and Lauren also has a son from a previous marriage. The pair is currently working with famed divorce attorney Laura Wasser, who is mediating the split.

On the other hand, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos share four children together and have a long history of 25 years together as a married couple. Their divorce may be a little bit trickier, especially because Jeff is currently worth a whopping $137 billion, making him the richest man in the world. But when he originally got married to MacKenzie, his net worth wasn’t even close to where it is now and the couple didn’t have a prenup at the time of their marriage.

According to many reports, the divorce could help to make MacKenzie one of the richest women in the whole entire world if not the richest. Only time will tell how both divorces end up panning out.

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