Police Called To Texas Walmart For Woman Riding Electric Cart In Parking Lot, Drinking Wine From Pringles Can

A Texas woman was banned for life from a local Walmart. Her crime? Police said she was riding around the store’s parking lot in a motorized cart for hours while drinking wine out of a Pringles can.

The bizarre incident took place this week in the town of Wichita Falls, where police got a call at 9 a.m. that there was a suspicious woman in the parking lot. As the Times Record News reported, the caller said the woman had been in the parking lot since at least 6:30 a.m., apparently riding aimlessly.

Police arrived to find that the woman had fled the scene, and later found her in a nearby restaurant. The woman was informed that she was banned from returning to the Walmart location.

The bizarre circumstances attracted some national attention, with many sharing the story on social media and some even praising the woman for living her life on her own terms — strange as they may be.

This is not the first viral story to come out of a Walmart in recent weeks. Late last year, a Walmart employee from Canada gained worldwide attention after a creative and very unusual resignation. The employee, Jackson Racicot, filmed a video of himself turning on the store’s public announcement system and explaining why no one should work there again. Racicot later posted it online.

In his announcement, the teenage employee explained how management at the store made promises to employees that were not kept, and that employees were not treated well.

“F**k management, f**k this job, f**k Walmart,” he said, as someone could be heard cheering in the background.

The video was especially popular among fellow Walmart employees. The Morning Call reported that the video sparked other local Walmart employees to speak out, saying that they endured similar working conditions at their jobs.

Walmart responded, calling out the teenage employee for his disrespectful manner of quitting.

“We are aware of the video circulating online and are disappointed by this incident. Respect for all individuals including our associates and customers is a core value at Walmart,” the statement read. “We are looking into this matter and will address it internally as required.”

It is not clear if the Texas woman spotted riding an electric cart and drinking wine from a Pringles can in the Walmart parking lot will face charges.

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