Farming Expected To Be One Of The Most Profitable Careers In The Next Decade

Tara Dodrill

Farming is poised to be one of them the most profitable career fields over the course of the next two decades. The fiscal outlook should be good news for agriculture professionals – but it just might not be. There has reportedly been a drastic drop in the number of folks interested in operating a farm,not just in America but around the world.

The average age of farmers in America and Australia is 58. In Japan and Canada, the average age of farmers is even higher, The Blaze notes. Agricultural careers by and large, are physically demanding. If young people do not suddenly develop an interest in farming, the number of able-bodies growing the food for our dinner tables could become a serious problem.

Analyst Jesse Colombo maintains that, if the current farm revenue trends continue, prime agricultural regions in the United States could become the "New Mahattans" as far as wealth is concerned.

Colombo had this to say when discussing the price of farmland and the need for students to choose agricultural majors in college:

"Farming is going to be one of the great professions of the next 10 to 20 years. When I speak to universities and students, I tell them they should all be studying agriculture. They don't want to do it. They all want to get MBAs. But it's a terrible mistake. They should be studying agriculture."

Are you concerned about the lack of people interested in farming in America?

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