New Online Prepper Community Seeks To Educate Others About Survival Skills

Survival expert Shaun Bernard created an online hub for fellow preppers and the off-grid living set. I.N.C.H Survival blends the interactive nature of social networking websites with informative articles and self-reliance tips.

Although the interactive online community focuses on survival techniques for both man-made and natural disasters. Bernard and his staff work toward the primary goal of helping others learn how to become self-sufficient so an impending sense dread does not overcome them when faced with adversity.

Shaun Bernard recently discussed the concept of prepping and enhancing survival skills with The Inquisitr. He shared the process which led to the development of his online community and the need for resource sharing. The survival expert also offered some insight into the minds of preppers and how the mainstream media reacts to those who chose a self-reliant lifestyle.

IQ -What prompted you to create a blog/social network for survivalists and preppers?

Bernard – I created because I wanted to provide preppers and survivalists with a new resource and information outlet that combined blogging with social networking. Yes, there are a good number of prepping or survival blogs out there that provide great information, but with most you’re really limited with how you can interact with other readers and members. While most preppers want to remain anonymous they still want to be able to communicate and share their ideas and thoughts with each other, so we limited the number of sign up questions for them out of respect their privacy. Of course, anyone can read our blog content without being a member. After a lot of research and site planning, was finally created.

IQ – What does I.N.C.H. mean?

Bernard – I.N.C.H. stands for I’m Never Coming Home. I used the acronym in our website name because there are so many things going on in our world such as natural disasters, wars, government, and economic issues, that are preventing more and more people from going back to their homes and returning to their normal lives. For instance, many people have lost their homes because they simply can’t afford to pay their mortgage.

Our economy is on the brink of collapse and when that happens it’s going to get ugly, very ugly. When people have no jobs and have run out of food and resources, they will turn against each other because, in the end, it will be about their own survival. Take for example, the situation that Greece and other parts of Europe are in right now. Their unemployment rate is skyrocketing and people are going hungry. I can see many people in urban areas having to leave their homes in the near future because it will be too unsafe for themselves or their families. There’s mass rioting, looting, and violence because their economy is on the verge of complete collapse and if the situation continues to decline, the road ahead won’t be pretty.

IQ – There are a lot of Eco-friendly articles relating to composting, gardening, etc. Is there a natural kinship between prepping habits and green lifestyle choices?

Bernard – Sure! Many of us have started to take things into our own hands because the prices of food in our grocery stores are staggering and the average modern day family is struggling just to put food on the table. We are left with no other choice but to start growing own fruits and vegetables. People are also becoming more concerned how our food is grown and what is being put on and in them such as chemicals, fertilizers, insecticides and growth hormones. Just take a look at our society today. In our generation alone there are so many new illnesses and diseases that are constantly on the rise. We can’t deny the fact that all of the garbage that’s put on and in our food has at least something to do with it.

On the green side of things, many of us have started to, or have already, turned to solar and wind energy for our heating and electricity needs. Many people that I know have installed wood stoves in their homes, so if and when the power goes out, they still have heat and a means to cook their food.

IQ – The terms prepper and survivalist might conjure up stereotypical images in the minds of some readers. In your experience, are such folks from various walks or life, boasting a diverse socio-economic and educational background, or is the “redneck” hunkered down inside a bunker stereotype an accurate portrayal?

Bernard – The mainstream media has done a great job at labeling us as crazy and unstable individuals. The “redneck” who is hunkered down inside his bunker is not an accurate portrayal of who we are. Sure, there some who have gone to the extreme to try and ensure that they can and will survive anything; including a nuclear attack, pole shift, destruction of the world’s power grid or the end of the world as we know it. Most of us are prepping on a much smaller scale and we come from all walks of life – the rich, the poor, the well-educated, you name it.

In the mainstream media’s view, if you grow your own garden and can all of your vegetables for long term, you’re a considered a prepper. If you have your own livestock and are preserving or freezing your own meat for your family long term, you’re a prepper. If have a bug out bag or get home bag whether it’s to go into the woods or in your vehicle just in case it breaks down and you have to walk home, you’re a prepper. If you stock even just a few basic emergency supplies, you’re still a prepper. So in reality, you can almost say that every one of us are a prepper of some sort.

IQ – A lot of prepper activities appear to mirror common practices of our grandparents – at least for those of us who do not live in urban areas. The old-fashioned tasks of gardening, canning, and dehydrating food are just a few examples of the mundane chores which both our ancestors and preppers share. Is part of prepping simply utilizing the same self-reliance skills of days gone by?

Bernard – Definately! The old fashion days are being brought back to life. In today’s world, we’ve become so dependent on technology, stores and convenience. Life is getting too complicated. We are overburdened with stress, obesity, lack of sleep and anxiety issues. Our society has programmed us to move and work at a pace where our bodies and minds simply cannot keep up. In the last few decades alone, our civilization has advanced at a pace faster than it ever has throughout our entire history.

It has started to backfire and people are wanting a more simple and rewarding way of life, like our grandparents and great gran parents had. Of course we will have to work harder physically, but mentally we will be thriving and that’s one of the best rewards we can have – keeping our sanity and not having to be dependent on anyone else. So now some of use are resorting to growing our own gardens, canning and preserving our food, raising our own chickens for eggs or meat, and raising other types of livestock.

IQ – The Doomsday Preppers series on National Geographic is very popular. Do you think the show accurately portrays preppers or has the series turned into more of a sensational reality show?

Bernard – I think that the TV series has turned more into a sensational reality show because they are only exposing people who have gone to the extremes from arming their entire families, running daily practice routines, creating huge stockpiles of food and weapons, building massive underground bunkers, setting up booby traps and sensors all around their properties. In reality, it’s not who most of us are.

IQ – Do people contribute content to your survival website?

Bernard – Yes, we have had several submissions to our site which we greatly appreciate! The more information that we can provide our readers, the better prepared we can all learn to be for any type of situation. Anyone who wishes to submit information or content they are more than welcome to do so and can get more information by clicking on the “contribute” link at the top of our site.

Do you practice any of the “prepping” techniques Shaun Bernard described?

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