Top 5 Royals Who Owned The Bang Game

Mark RichardsGetty Image

When it comes to magnificent hair, the royals know how to do it right. They show up for every single event looking perfectly coiffed, right down to their flawless hair. And over the years, bangs have proven to be a particularly popular trend among the royal women.

As reported by Hello! Magazine, the bang has been an extremely popular hairstyle for thousands of years. It can add a chic, modern edge to a look — like Anna Wintour’s signature bob — or give it a soft, romantic edge — exemplified by Alison Brie. Sleek or wavy, bangs offer a memorable look that the royals clearly can’t get enough of.

Whichever style one chooses, bangs are definitely a statement hairstyle, and are not for the faint of heart. Luckily, the royal family has proven time and again that they know exactly how to handle a bang — or fringe, as they call it in England — for maximum style and minimum fuss.

While many of the royals have tried out bangs at some point in their lives, only a few are at the top of the bang game. Here are some of the royals who’ve taken bangs to the next level, and can totally rock this popular hairstyle.

Kate Middleton

Flawlessly combining classic elegance with modern style, Kate Middleton’s bangs were all the rage when she debuted them back in 2012. Able to slip seamlessly from casual grace to formal attire, Kate Middleton’s hair looked good no matter what the occasion — and people flocked to their stylists to get the same look.

Princess Diana

You can’t mention royal bangs without discussing Princess Diana — her iconic hairstyle remains part of her inarguable mystique even to this day. Although she experimented with different types of bangs during her life, from an ultra-short pixie style to softer, flowing waves, she always kept her hair fashionably close-cut, cementing her as a style icon for generations.

Princess Charlene

Another royal with a penchant for bangs is Princess Charlene of Monaco. She’s kept her light-blonde hair short for years, adjusting her looks to fit the times. But through it all, she’s had bangs. Whether slicked back for a formal event or left loose around her face during a relaxed family outing, Princess Charlene always looks picture perfect — and it’s no wonder her charming short style is so highly coveted by would-be fashionistas around the world.


Princess Eugenie

This beloved princess has had a real soft spot for bangs for quite a long time. She’s rocked bangs in different lengths and different styles, showing off her brown locks to their fullest advantage. Even as a little girl, the princess stuck to bangs, a trend that would follow her into her adult life. Now a woman, Princess Eugenie favors soft bangs that gently frame her face — giving her a look that’s elegant, understated, and easy to maintain.

Sarah Ferguson

The Duchess of York has been rocking bangs for ages now, and her style shows how timeless this hairstyle really is. Although she’s updated the look throughout the years, the general notion has stayed the same for decades — and bangs have always been an important part of Ferguson’s look. Combined with her striking red hair, it’s a signature style that turns heads wherever she goes.