‘The Bachelor’ Deleted Scene: Bri Barnes Admits To Colton Underwood She Faked Australian Accent

Craig SjodinABC

Monday night during the premiere of ABC’s The Bachelor 2019 season, Colton Underwood met his 30 bachelorettes. All of the women were anxious to make a big first impression on Colton — and viewers watched as one wore a sloth costume, another brought her dog, and a lady came in like Cinderella in a horse-drawn carriage. Contestant Bri Barnes found a way to make herself stand out too, but she later came clean during a moment that didn’t make it into the show.

Viewers watched as Bri Barnes introduced herself to Colton Underwood while speaking in an Australian accent. The Bachelor star did remember the accent, so Bri’s tactic of finding a way to stand out worked. However, she didn’t let things go too long without admitting that she had been faking the accent — and being from Australia.

Entertainment Weekly shares the deleted scene between Bri and Colton that didn’t make it into the Bachelor premiere. During the cocktail party, Barnes and Underwood had a chance to chat for a few minutes. She started out talking with the Australian accent, but switched back to her typical voice just a line later.

Barnes told Underwood that she wasn’t sure if he noticed, but she’s not really Australian. Colton chuckled as he admitted he’d wondered where the accent went. Bri said that she uses it as something of an ice-breaker, and it sounds as if she’s used this accent in other situations before.

The Bachelor contestant said that the Australian accent is fun and shows a light-hearted side of her, and she said it comes in and out. Barnes added that it’s her favorite accent, which surely leaves viewers wondering if she has a handful of other accents she whips out for various occasions.


Colton asked Bri if she’s at least spent time in Australia, and she admitted that she has never been there. The two talked about how she is from Los Angeles — and does modeling gigs primarily based in California — and Underwood joked about how she obviously hasn’t traveled for modeling to places like Australia.

Luckily, Colton didn’t appear to be too thrown by Bri’s trick, and it seemed to accomplish what she was hoping it would. Barnes did get a rose at the rose ceremony, and Bachelor spoilers previously shared by the Inquisitr detail that she’ll end up on a group date with Underwood in the second episode.

Some fans noted on social media that they perhaps would have preferred to see this deleted scene in place of the excessive coverage of random viewing parties and engagements. The three-hour premiere format doesn’t appear to have been a big hit with viewers, many of whom would have preferred to see more of Colton and the ladies — and less of the side fluff.

Did Brianna Barnes pull a smart move by faking the Australian accent, then quickly coming clean about it? Colton Underwood had a lot to try to remember after meeting 30 ladies in the premiere, and in the next episode he’ll start to head out on dates in order to whittle down his group of contestants.