‘Impossible Burger 2’: Fool Your Friends With The Meat-Free Burger That Tastes Just Like Beef


For those who are vegetarian, but miss the taste of a beef burger, get ready to be satisfied with the Impossible Burger 2.0 from Impossible Foods.

Impossible Foods has been creating meat alternatives for a while now. Included in their lineup was the Impossible Burger. Touted to be a meat alternative, according to Engadget, it still left a lot to be desired before it could become undecipherable from the real deal.

“It was definitely the best veggie burger I’ve ever had,” said Nicole Lee in her article from Engadget about the original burger from Impossible Foods.

“I still definitely knew it wasn’t real meat. Something about the texture and taste was still a dead giveaway that it was fake.”

Listening to those who were vegetarian, but missed the taste of the original animal product, Impossible Foods has been working hard on their burger and have just released the Impossible Burger 2.0.

According to Laura Kliman, a senior flavor scientist for Impossible Foods, “you can smell that meaty char right off the grill.”

“We are striving to get that total meat experience,” she added during an event promoting Impossible Foods’ latest vegetarian taste sensation.

According to CNet, the latest offering from Impossible Foods tastes like a “well-massaged Kobe ribeye” compared to the original version. They also insisted that they couldn’t tell that it wasn’t real beef.

The Impossible Burger 2.0 is not only meat-free, but gluten-free as well, according to Engadget. The new version contains soy protein instead of wheat protein. It is also what Impossible Foods believes adds to the “meaty chew and versatile texture” of their new burger.

But, what about the iron content?


According to Engadget, the Impossible Foods meat replacement contains the same “bioavailable iron and protein as the same size serving of ground beef.” In addition, it contains “14 grams of fat and 240 calories per quarter-pound patty.”

In addition, the technology behind making a plant-based product so much like real meat is also available as a substitute in other recipes calling for ground meat.

However, for those that were a fan of the original Impossible Burger, the news is not so great. The Impossible Burger 2.0 was introduced on Monday and will replace the original burger starting Tuesday.

If you want to check out the Impossible Burger 2.0 immediately, Border Grill at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas will be the first place to stock the product. More than 20 other restaurants and chains will be receiving the new product shortly. For those who are waiting for it to be available in supermarkets, Engadget advises that select stores will have the product by the end of the year.