Former ‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Melissa Claire Egan Speaks Out In Support Of Kendall Jenner

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Recently, model and reality TV star Kendall Jenner announced that she’s one of the new faces of Proactiv, and fans did not love that Kris Jenner had teased that the announcement would be her daughter’s “most raw story” and warned the audience that they would be moved after hearing it.

According to a CNN report, fans even reported that they felt punked by the news. However, former The Young and the Restless star Melissa Claire Egan who also served as a face of the acne treatment brand for eight years, hit back at the people dragging Jenner for the big announcement. Egan, who portrayed Chelsea Newman on the show, asked why people were giving Jenner such a difficult time about her new commercial.

“I admire her honesty and wanting to speak out about something that had previously been an insecurity for her, even being the supermodel that she is!! Also as someone who was a face of Proactiv for 8 years, I know how awesome it is to promote a product you ACTUALLY LOVE AND USE every single day, that changed your life,” wrote Egan on an Instagram post featuring one of her previous Proactive spots.

The actress went on to support Jenner in opening up about the issue, and asked, “And can everyone just chill and be nice to each otherrrrrr, jeeze!”

Many of Egan’s 117,000 Instagram followers chimed in with support for both women and stories of their own successes with the acne product. One summed it up well writing, “So many times my acne has brought me down, but it helps knowing that beautiful celebrities such as yourself and Kendall can relate! Thanks for being so real and posting this.”

Many followers also took the occasion to ask if Egan plans to return to Y&R any time soon. With the recent news that executive producer and head writer Mal Young left the show, lots of viewers hope to see a return of the many actors who exited the show last year, and Egan was among those who went. Because several of the rumors swirling around so many people leaving included accusations about Mal Young’s behavior behind the scenes, some fans believe that people will return to the show.

One follower asked, “Coming back to YandR anytime soon? Would love to see Chelsea and Adam again.”

While the actress did not respond to questions about a possible return for Chelsea to Genoa City, fans still hold out hope for a homecoming.