Colton Underwood’s Bizarre Instagram Posts Lead Fans To Believe His Girlfriend Is Pregnant

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The Bachelor star Colton Underwood has posted a series of bizarre Instagram photos recently, posts which are leading fans of the popular ABC reality dating series to believe that his girlfriend is pregnant.

Since his return to social media, Underwood has posted a series of photos, with an emoji covering the face of the other person in the pictures. What has fans scratching their heads, however, is the choice of emoji Underwood has used.

The female caricature is pregnant.

The biggest tagline of the season has been that Underwood is a virgin — and many of the teasers for the first few episodes touch on that fact — with Underwood proclaiming that he was going to “save himself for the right person.”

If Underwood’s girlfriend was indeed pregnant, this would be a huge reveal for ABC, one that they would likely tease in some way or another at the beginning of the season.

Many Bachelor spoilers have already revealed the winner, a claim which will not be explored further herein.

However, there is one twist to Underwood’s alleged pick. He will not be putting a ring on the woman of his choosing, according to Heavy.

According to Reality Steve, Underwood is not engaged. However, he and his Bachelor pick are supposedly still together.

All of Underwood’s strange Instagram posts with the “pregnant woman” emoji are leaving fans divided, and many are expressing fan theories.

One theory posits that his girlfriend is indeed pregnant — and due to contractual obligations with ABC, cannot reveal the news until the season is over.

A second notion holds that his girlfriend is not pregnant, but he’s just having some fun in trying to confuse the audience.

A third narrative has emerged claiming that the person Underwood is hiding is not his girlfriend at all, but a male friend. In this version of events, Colton Underwood covered up his friend’s identity to keep a sense of mystery about who the person in the photo might be.

In a recent interview with E! News, Underwood was asked if he was “in love.”

“I always said from the beginning I’m waiting for the right heart and somebody I can share the rest of my life with to share that moment with, and I think that’s what The Bachelor is all about, trying to find that,” Underwood stated.

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“Obviously, if I answered that question, I would be spoiling the rest of the season and I wouldn’t want to do that for you. I will say, this season wasn’t the easiest for me. There were ups and downs and at times it got really challenging, it got really hard and it really pushed me. It allowed me to grow and I think this is going to be an unbelievable season,” he noted to E! News.

The Bachelor premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC.