‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Griffin Isn’t Coping Well With Kiki’s Death, Heads Down A Dark Path

Craig SjodinABC Press

Griffin Munro hasn’t been seen much on General Hospital since Kiki died by the hands of a serial killer. He has popped up a couple of times since the funeral and even then, he is looking like he is not in a good place at all.

He and Kiki had unexpectedly fallen in love, but now his whole world has been shattered to pieces. As spoilers from SheKnows Soaps suggest, Griffin will be going down a dark path for a bit. That could mean a number of things. He could very well take to the bottle to deal with his grief. Hamilton Finn knows all about addictions and what drugs or alcohol can do to ruin someone’s life. It happened to him after his wife’s death and he wants to make sure that Griffin doesn’t do the same.

The last we saw of Griffin, he was visiting with Anna and Finn for Christmas. He was able to see Emma Scorpio as well. Even she was bothered by how different he is these days.

General Hospital spoilers tease that things may take a dangerous turn for him. It almost sounds like he will be on the hunt for the person who killed Kiki. However, he has no idea that the person is his ex’s new boyfriend. No one is aware that the serial killer walks among them and is already plotting his next move.

He will be in danger if he starts to get too close to finding out who the killer is. Ryan Chamberlain could very well go after Griffin, especially if he upsets Ava too much. That is the reason that Kiki was killed in the first place because Ava mentioned that she couldn’t live in the same town as her daughter. So, Ryan took it upon himself to take care of her problem. He could try to do the same with Griffin. After all, Ava really hates Griffin. She blames him for taking her daughter away from her before she died.

Whatever the case may be, Griffin Munro is not thinking straight and that could lead him down a dark path. He has always been the good guy, so this side of him could get quite interesting down the road. Anna and Finn have every reason to be concerned about this guy. He isn’t coping with losing Kiki very well and is eager to find who do this to her.

Keep watching General Hospital to see exactly what kind of danger Griffin puts himself in.