Saks Fifth Avenue Crash Injures Pedestrian, Damages NYC Store

A Saks Fifth Avenue crash yesterday in Manhattan involving an “out of control SUV” caused injury to one pedestrian before the vehicle slammed through the glass at the swanky New York City department store.

The Saks Fifth Avenue crash occurred Wednesday morning at 10:51 am when a careening Ford Escape struck an elderly man out walking on the sidewalk near 611 Fifth Avenue before it crashed into the side of the building’s doorway.

Conflicting reports following the Saks Fifth Avenue crash regarding the victim’s condition have surfaced. Gothamist reports that the 89-year-old “victim was transported to Bellevue in serious but stable condition, and the driver appeared unharmed,” while the Wall Street Journal says the “man is likely to die, according to a spokesman with the New York Police Department.”

Owen Hane, a commercial real estate broker, witnessed the Saks Fifth Avenue crash and told the WSJ that the victim was not aware of the oncoming out-of-control vehicle, failing to notice the fleeing pedestrians as he appeared to look down:

“He went flying … It slammed him right into the door.”

The victim in the Saks Fifth Avenue crash was identified as Dr. Mansoor Day, an “abortion pioneer,” as described by the New York Daily News. Day’s daughter Doris confirmed that, while her father had sustained a “a broken neck, broken hip, and two broken legs” in the frightening accident, he is doing as well as can be expected and will hopefully recover from the injuries he suffered during the incident.

saks fifth avenue crash

The driver at the wheel during the Saks Fifth Avenue crash was identified as Richard Moussi, who was charged with possessing a fraudulent insurance card, but was said to not have been driving recklessly.