Michelle Obama Will End Up Becoming The Democratic Nominee For President In 2020, Mike Huckabee Predicts

Michelle Obama has repeatedly said she doesn't want to run for president and is done in politics, but Mike Huckabee has some other thoughts.

Amid the huge boost in popularity the former First Lady has seen since leaving office and later embarking on a book tour, Huckabee believes she will emerge as the frontrunner to hold the Democratic mantle in 2020. As the Daily Mail noted, the former Arkansas governor made the prediction on his website after Obama was named "Most Admired Woman" for 2018, knocking Hillary Clinton from the mantle she had held for nearly two decades.

Huckabee noted that Michelle Obama seemed to have a public relations machine that was pushing her to something larger than bestselling books and television appearances.

"Now that Michelle Obama has been named 'Most Admired Woman' for 2018, it's time for me to make a prediction for 2019: the former First Lady will toss her hat in the ring for 2020, and she will get her party's nomination," he wrote.

"Her PR machine, which has quietly percolated ever since Hillary lost, went full-tilt in September with the November 13 release of her book, Becoming. (One might ask, 'Becoming what?' I say, 'Becoming a presidential nominee.')"
Both Michelle and Barack Obama have said on a number of occasions that she has no desire for a career in politics, but her ever-rising popularity has still sparked speculation. As Gallup noted, Michelle Obama's title of "Most Admired Woman" for last year ended a 17-year run in that spot for Hillary Clinton, starting with her entrance to the national spotlight as First Lady during her husband's first term in office.
If Michelle Obama were to run for president, she would also have a spouse with sky-high popularity, Gallup noted, as Barack Obama was named the "Most Admired Man" for the 11th straight year.

The high polls have led many to call on Michelle to make a run, hoping that she might change her mind.

It is more difficult to tell what other Democratic voters might think of Michelle Obama running for president. Because she has continually pushed off rumors that she could be running, Michelle's name has not been included in most early polls for the Democratic primary. But on the occasions where she is included, Michelle Obama's name is high. As the Washington Examiner noted, a poll last year from McLaughlin and Associates showed that 17 percent of voters would back her, second only to Joe Biden with 19 percent support.