Diddy Thinks Ex-Girlfriend Cassie Posted Photo With New Boyfriend To Hurt Him

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Diddy is allegedly not happy about his former girlfriend, Cassie Ventura, flaunting her new relationship on social media.

According to a January 4 report by People Magazine, Sean “Diddy” Combs was reportedly unhappy when he saw that Cassie Ventura had posted a photo of herself kissing her new boyfriend, personal trainer Alex Fine.

As many fans already know, Diddy and his family are going through a very hard time at the moment. The mogul’s ex, Kim Porter, unexpectedly died in late 2018 and it has been a very rough road for Diddy, who shares four children with Kim.

Porter’s passing came just weeks after Diddy and Cassie split following their 11-year relationship. Now, Diddy believes that his former girlfriend may be trying to hurt him by posting photos of herself with her new beau out of spite.

“If there is anyone who knows how absolutely devastated Diddy has been since Kim’s death, it’s Cassie. He can’t believe she feels the need to post pictures with her new guy. It’s like she did it to upset Diddy more. The whole situation is just ridiculous. There is just no need to post pictures on social media at this point. Diddy is having enough of a hard time,” a source told the outlet.

Meanwhile, a second source spoke to TMZ about Cassie and Diddy’s relationship and split, revealing that the entertainer absolutely believes that his ex-girlfriend cheated on him with Alex Fine.

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The insider says that Diddy firmly thinks that Cassie and Alex began hooking up as soon as he hired Fine as a personal trainer for his then-girlfriend.


To make matters worse, Cassie posted the photo of herself kissing Alex just one day after Diddy had taken to his Instagram story to post a sexy snapshot of his ex smiling for the camera while taking a bubble bath.

Diddy captioned the photograph, I [heart emoji] @Cassie, declaring his love for his longtime partner.

After Kim Porter’s death, Ventura wrote a heartfelt dedication to the late mother, revealing that she was an “amazing” party with a “beautiful family,” and that she lit up the room whenever she entered an establishment. She also referred to Porter as an “angel,” and posted a stunning picture of her to go along with the tribute.

Not long after Kim’s death, Diddy and Cassie reunited in L.A., but it seems that things may have changed since their last get together.