Viral Video Shows Police Officer Keenan Wallace Shooting A Small Chihuahua Mix Dog As It Barked At His Feet

Police officer Keenan Wallace is under fire after a viral video showed him shooting a small Chihuahua mix dog after being called to a home for a report of an aggressive dog.

The incident took place in Arkansas, where the Faulkner County Sheriff’s deputy responded to the Shiloh Estates in the town of Conway for a domestic call. As Fox 16 reported, video of the incident showed Wallace fire his weapon at the dog, causing it to yelp and squirm in pain on the grass near his feet.

Reports identified the dog, named Reese, as a Chihuahua mix that weighed less than 10 pounds. The dog was taken to a vet after the shooting and reportedly needed surgery for a shattered jaw. The dog is now expected to have a rough road ahead as it recovers from the gunshot wound.

Video of officer Keenan Wallace shooting the dog quickly spread across social media, with many expressing anger at the officer for firing at the animal that they believed was not dangerous or aggressive. The backlash prompted the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office to respond on its Facebook page, calling the incident “unfortunate” and saying that it was currently under investigation.

The department also seemed to indicate that Officer Wallace would not be in danger of facing criminal charges for the shooting.

“A video of the incident which was recorded by a citizen is currently being reviewed by supervisors,” the post read. “Sheriff Tim Ryals has placed the deputy on paid administrative leave pending an investigation. Sheriff Ryals wants to make certain no local, state, or federal laws, as well as any Sheriff’s Office policies have been violated during this incident.”

Wallace was identified as a K-9 handler with the sheriff’s department.


A GoFundMe page was started to raise money for the Reese the dog’s recovery. It had already surpassed the $3,500 goal in less than a day, attracting hundreds of donations from across the country and wishes for a full recovery. Many also called for charges to be brought against Keenan Wallace for the shooting, despite the sheriff department’s indication that he might not face charges.

“Thank God she is still alive. I pray for justice against the cop who shot and anybody else like him,” one donor wrote. “Thank you to all who are helping to give her a better life.”

Keenan Wallace remains on administrative leave while the shooting is being investigated.