‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap For Friday, January 4: Liam Tells Hope That Beth Died

Bold and the Beautiful recap for Friday, January 4 details that Bill Spencer (Don Diamont), Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), and Brooke Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) were extremely irritated that they could not get to the island where Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle) was giving birth. Bill made some phone calls, but no one was willing to make the trip during the storm. Brooke hoped that Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) would be able to get to Hope before the baby was born.

The trio was even more exasperated by the fact that they could not get through to the Hope and Liam and had no idea of what was happening. Ridge tried to placate his wife but she remained anxious. Bill finally received confirmation that they could take a helicopter to Catalina, per Soaps. Ridge, Brooke, and Bill hurried to out of the office to get to Hope as soon as possible.

Bold and the Beautiful viewers will remember that Hope had blacked out, per Inquisitr. When she came to, she had blurry vision and called out to Dr. Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady). But it wasn’t Reese that came to her aid, it was Liam. Hope was very glad that her husband was by her side at last. She asked him about Beth and Liam vaguely replied that she had delivered the baby.

Hope mused that she must have passed out during labor and told Liam that she had not yet seen Beth. Liam told her that he arrived a few minutes after she gave birth, explained to Hope that the doctor told her that she was incredibly brave while giving birth.

Hope asked Liam if he had seen Beth. All she remembered was that she was pushing before she blacked out. He told her that he had seen Beth and that she was an angel. Liam told Hope that he needed to talk to her before the doctor came in.

She asked Liam if Beth’s middle name could be “Avalon.” She explained that she was born in this city and wanted to give her daughter that name. Liam agreed, and Hope asked to see her newborn daughter again. At this point, Liam looked really upset. He told his wife that she had been brave and that they were in this together.

As he continued to talk, Hope began to panic. Liam started to cry when she asked to see Beth. Hope began insisting on seeing her daughter.


“Where is she?” she asked.

Liam broke the news that Beth did not make it. Hope began to cry and said that the baby was fine. She begged Liam to see her. He told her that he would bring her in but that she needed to prepare herself. Hope screamed and Dr. Buckingham appeared holding Beth.

Hope took her daughter from the doctor and told Beth that she needed her mother. Reese told her that she suffered a placental abruption and then left the room.

Hope was completely distraught. She wept bitterly while holding the baby closely while Liam tried to console her.