January 4, 2019
'General Hospital' Friday Spoilers: Laura Is Surprised By 'Kevin' As Lulu Rallies Support For Her Mom

The latest General Hospital spoilers reveal that there are some surprising moments on the way with the episode slated to air on Friday, January 4. Laura has been perplexed by her estranged husband's behavior, and that'll be the case again during a public event. Of course, she has yet to begin to suspect the real reason that "Kevin" has been acting so strangely, but teasers suggest that this will all escalate soon.

Ryan is doing everything he can to keep Laura at a distance, and he's having a grand time romancing Ava now. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that during Friday's show, Laura will end up feeling touched by something Kevin does to demonstrate his support. The latest sneak peek appears to provide some context to this teaser.

General Hospital spoilers have indicated that Lulu will organize an event at Charlie's -- and it looks like it may be a campaign event to rally support for Laura. She is still aiming to become the mayor of Port Charles, and it appears that this is where "Kevin's" surprise support comes into play.

The Twitter preview shows a number of Port Charles residents gathered at Charlie's -- and it looks like perhaps Lulu has put together a town hall meeting or something of that nature. At one point, "Kevin" will stand up in front of everybody, and a worried Laura looks on as he begins to speak.

"Kevin" will say that he thinks it's time he makes his intentions known. As he says this, Laura is probably waiting to hear something negative from the man she believes to be her estranged husband. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that he may declare his full support for Laura and her abilities to be a great mayor for Port Charles.

Whatever Ryan says seems to impress Laura, and leave her feeling somewhat positive about this relationship that has become so complicated since her return to town. Granted, the fact that this man is really Ryan may well explain his willingness to support Laura in her mayoral run. The busier she is with this project, the less poking around she can do regarding his odd behavior.

Friday's show also brings more with Sonny, Mike, Yvonne, Stella, and Marcus. Both Mike and Yvonne have declined a great deal in their acuity in recent weeks -- and this has left Sonny, Marcus, and others struggling to handle this relationship. Will they be able to find common ground somehow?

Also, as the Inquisitr shared earlier, Chase will lead a self-defense class for some Port Charles ladies -- and there's a difficult conversation ahead regarding Aiden's issues at school. Jordan is becoming obsessed with the case revolving around the recent deaths in town, and General Hospital spoilers hint that things will get even crazier as storylines move forward next week.