Is Colton Underwood Engaged? ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers Reveal Show’s Outcome

Craig SjodinABC

Colton Underwood is looking for love this winter on ABC’s The Bachelor 2019 season and fans are anxious for spoilers regarding whether or not he is engaged. Heading into this journey, Underwood was pretty open about the fact he wanted to have an engagement in place when filming wrapped. However, teasers suggest that he faced some twists and turns that may have impacted his goals.

Gossip guru Reality Steve has been breaking down the Bachelor spoilers for the past few months since Colton Underwood started filming. Per Inquisitr, he revealed one supposed ending a couple of months ago, but he then had to come back and make some adjustments to what he said went down.

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, fans can expect a lot of hype and misdirection as Underwood’s Bachelor season gets closer to the finale. The buzz is that one gal does become an early frontrunner and this reportedly leads to some shockers before everything is said and done.

The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve detail that Colton will choose to take Hannah Goodwin, Tayshia Adams, and Cassie Randolph on his overnight dates. Apparently, Tayshia’s date comes first and they are said to have their full overnight date.

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Second comes Cassie, and this is where things reportedly get crazy. The Bachelor spoilers reveal that during this date, Colton will be feeling quite serious about the future he sees with Randolph. However, Reality Steve says that she’ll end up with cold feet.

Cassie apparently decides that she isn’t ready to be engaged, and she apparently decides to eliminate herself and head home. This may be where Colton jumps the fence that is teased in numerous Bachelor spoiler previews and supposedly, Randolph heads home to California.

As all of this drama plays out, Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that Underwood eliminates Tayshia and decides not to even have his date with Hannah, eliminating her, too. If all of that is accurate, there won’t be any last-chance dates or even a final rose ceremony that happens at the end of the traditional filming period.


However, that doesn’t mean there’s not still a happy ending on the way. Colton reportedly heads to California to talk to Cassie and tells her he wants to see where things head between them. Randolph is said to agree to keep dating Underwood. However, according to Reality Steve, they are not engaged.

Could Colton and Cassie get engaged before their Bachelor finale airs or perhaps take that leap during the “After the Final Rose” special? It’s possible, but it doesn’t sound like it’s all that likely.

It seems that Colton Underwood finds the woman he envisions as his future life and falls in love, but this won’t be a traditional Bachelor ending with a proposal and engagement. While Reality Steve has been wrong in his spoilers here and there previously, he seems quite confident about these details.

The Bachelor spoilers hint that it’ll be a wild ride this winter for Colton Underwood, his bachelorettes, and all of the viewers. Stay tuned for additional teasers as they become available to see if Reality Steve makes any additional adjustments to his shocking revelations about what supposedly goes down this season.