Meghan Markle Is ‘Not A Person You Can Be Friends With’, Says ‘Vanity Fair’

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Meghan Markle has many admirable qualities — grace, poise, dignity — but friendliness isn’t one of them, reports Vanity Fair.

Back in May of 2018, it seemed that everything was coming up Meghan. As she was preparing to marry into the staid and august British royal family, the former Suits actress was seemingly embraced by not only the Windsors, but by the British general public — and her American supporters as well.

Fast forward to a few months later, and the honeymoon appears to be ending, if not being entirely over. For a few months now, Meghan has been bedeviled by rumors that she and the U.K.’s favorite daughter, Duchess Kate Middleton, aren’t getting along. And of course, that’s saying nothing about the ongoing drama with her father’s side of the family back here in the United States.

By all accounts, she’s doing everything right — perhaps too right. She’s published a cookbook compiled from recipes by women who survived a horrible fire. She fell to her knees to greet a wheelchair-bound war survivor. She baked a loaf of banana bread for a family she was visiting.

It all made her look like the gregarious, down-to-earth yet dignified royal that the monarchy needs.

It’s all an act, however, says an anonymous royal insider. That same source claims that — behind the scenes — she’s a fame-obsessed, closed-off woman who carefully manages her image in order to make people love her.

“Meghan’s goal was always becoming a household name. She’s insanely smart and poised, but very, very guarded. She’s not a person you can actually be friends with. She’s the type of person who is best friends with her stylist.”

For further purported evidence that the Duchess of Sussex is all artifice, Vanity Fair points to her past — specifically, her years working in Toronto, where Suits was filmed. There, she made it a point to network with anyone and everyone who could strengthen her position: bankers, Sophie Trudeau’s stylist, and associates of Prince Charles. An acquaintance from Meghan Markle’s television career elaborated upon this point to Vanity Fair.

“Meghan was socializing with foreign heiresses—upper-crust, smart, ambitious. They have everything and they want everything.”

Patrick Jephson, Princess Diana’s former private secretary and author of The Meghan Factor, says that Meghan Markle is so adept at managing her own image that she’s eclipsed even Queen Elizabeth as the person who makes decisions as to how the press treats the Windsors.

“This is her family, and no one at the palace would make a move without her.”