Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Share Emotional Birthday Moment With Ellen DeGeneres

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Thursday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show turned into an adorable birthday celebration for Dax Shepard. During the Parenthood actor’s visit to the show, he joked that his birthday falls in the worst time of the year, the first week of January. With the help of DeGeneres, his wife Kristen Bell threw Shepard a birthday party to remember, complete with gifts, a cake, and even some tears.

According to Shepard, having a birthday just after the holidays was always an inconvenience, E! News reported.

“It’s traditionally when you go back to school as a kid. It’s like, ‘Happy birthday! Go to school!'” the 44-year-old podcast host explained. “And then when you get there, there was a big break. So, when they read the happy birthdays over the loudspeaker, you’re among like 30 people who had birthdays. Nothing special!”

An early January birthday is no better for Shepard as an adult, either. He explained that, because he was born in the first week of the month, few people attend his birthday bashes to avoid the carbs and drinking. These New Year’s resolutions don’t last more than a week, Shepard said, but they’re enough to keep people from celebrating with him.

“I can’t get more than six people to attend my birthday party—and I’m on television and they know Kristen will be there,” the actor continued.

Of course, DeGeneres couldn’t let him feel this way about his birthday, so she gave Shepard a little gift: a pair of black overalls with photos of Brad Pitt’s face all over them. Pitt has always been one of Shepard’s idols, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“You still love Brad Pitt, right?” she asked. “It’s Brad Pitt all over—in every form!”

Later, Shepard joined DeGeneres for a segment of “Ask Dr. Dax,” where the actor took questions from the audience. Bell sat in the audience and asked her husband a very important question when her turn came.

“What would you recommend getting someone very special, like a spouse, for their birthday? Or how would you spoil them on their birthday?”

“In the bedroom,” Shepard joked.


In her typical sarcastic tone, the 38-year-old The Good Place actress replied, “Let’s say I have in the bedroom covered.”

Then, Shepard got serious and emotional.

“I would say please, please, please give that person love and support for 11 years. Give them two beautiful baby girls—and you’re good,” the actor said with tears in his eyes.

After calling him out for crying on stage, Bell told Shepard she loves him and joined the stage for cake.

“See,” Shepard joked about his wife. “We had to bring her on my birthday so people would come.”