‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap For Wed. January 2: Bill Helps Liam, Hope With Dr. Reese When Lights Cut Out

Francis SpeckerGetty Images

The Bold and the Beautiful’s episode of Wednesday, January 2, featured Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) on the phone with his wife Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle) who had just gone into labor over the phone.

To recap what had previously happened on B&B, per the Inquisitr, Hope had left for Catalina by herself. Liam was supposed to follow in the next flight. Due to bad weather, the flight was canceled. Now Hope was in labor by herself and Liam had no way to get to her.

Hope was distressed on the phone and told Liam that it was too soon for the baby’s arrival. Per Soaps, he tried to reassure Hope that he would find a way to her. Liam also urged her to let the hotel know that she needed a doctor. The couple disconnected after expressing their love.

Liam told Lily the airport official (Adele Tirado) that his wife was in labor. Kieran (Monica Horan) and Matt Cannistra (Jim O’Heir) heard Liam’s predicament. They wanted to help Liam and got into an argument because Matt wanted to know if Liam was going to swim to Catalina Island since the flights were all canceled. Luckily, Liam had a safer alternative.

Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) visited his dad Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) at Spencer Publications. They discussed the terrible storm outside before Wyatt told his dad that he still found it strange that Bill no longer wore his sword necklace. Bill said that he was really trying to change even though it was hard not to revert back to his old habits.

A hotel employee helped Hope get to the Catalina clinic. Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) met Hope and told her that he was the only doctor available. Bold and the Beautiful viewers know that this is the first meeting between Reese and Hope. Although he has met Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), and a host of other Forrester Creations staff, Reese has not met Hope or Liam.

Hope told the doctor that she was having contractions and that her husband was still in Los Angeles since his flight had been grounded. Reese admitted Hope into the clinic and told her that she was in good hands. Hope felt alone but could not call Liam because there was no cell signal. Hope’s contractions became more frequent and intensified.

Liam called Bill and told him his predicament. He told him that he needed his help to get to Catalina. Bill couldn’t believe that Hope was already in labor, and told his son that he would get him on the island. Bill would let one of his most experienced chopper pilots take Liam to Catalina so that he would be in time for his daughter’s birth.

At Catalina Clinic, Hope is in pain as the contractions hit one after the other. She is hooked up to monitors with Reese right beside her. Suddenly the lights cut out and they are left in the darkness. Reese realized that they had a power failure and goes to look for help. Liam managed to get through to Hope. She told him that she was scared and moaned in agony as another labor pain coursed through her body.