Mike Tyson Going Green With Plans To Open Marijuana Farm And Resort Focusing On High-Quality Strains

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Former boxing heavyweight champ Mike Tyson jumped into the cannabis business by breaking ground on a brand new farm and resort he is building.

According to an SF Gate report, Tyson’s 40-acre marijuana farm is in California City near Edwards Air Force Base. The small city boasts a population of only 15,000. The State of California has allowed sales of medical marijuana for more than two decades, and now, recreational use of the herb is also legal.

The champ only plans to use half the 40 acres for growing weed. The other half he intends to use to build an extraction facility, an edible factory, a hydro-feed plant, and a store with supplies. He also has plans for the “Tyson Cultivation School.” Additionally, the location will offer cabins and other “glamping” campsites so that visitors may stay there while they smoke and partake of edibles.

Tyson hopes to help provide jobs at his facility for military veterans. His company Tyson Holistic will operate the farm and offer a particular focus on helping treat vets who suffer ailments that result from their time in the armed services. For now, the boxer has not set an official opening date for his high-tech marijuana facility

Right now, Rolling Stone reported that 2018 was a tipping point for cannabis in the United States and that the majority of adults want the drug legal for medical reasons at the very least. Graham Boyd, who runs pot-focused New Approach PAC, said, “Within the next two years, a majority of the United States will have adult-use legal cannabis.”

Because 33 states along with the District of Columbia have legalized pot in some form, Boyd believes that the U.S. Congress will have to take steps soon to legalize the plant federally. Interestingly, cannabis is seemingly a non-partisan issue for the United States with plenty of people on both sides of the aisle supporting its legalization. For now, the states that have legalized it are technically breaking federal law, but both the Obama and Trump administrations have chosen not to enforce that law strictly.

As for Tyson Ranch, Valley News reported that the former boxer announced a weed-friendly music festival on his land. The event, called The Kind Music Festival, features R&B singer Miguel as the headliner along with five other acts — Chicano Batman, Starcrawler, Yonee, Mac Ayres, and All My Friends Hate Me. Those who want to attend need to mark February 23 on their calendars to catch the one-day “pop up micro-festival.” Interestingly, this year the festival does not plan to sell cannabis.