Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: New Weekly Sneak Peek Teases New Romances And Mysteries For New Year

Craig SjodinABC

New General Hospital spoilers for the week are out, and fans cannot wait to jump into new episodes again. It’s a new year in Port Charles, and it looks like new story-lines are on the way.

ABC has just shared a new weekly sneak peek via Twitter, and it contains some juicy tidbits. Viewers have seen a romance slowly building for Chase and Willow — and General Hospital spoilers suggest that this will really take off in the episodes ahead.

The sweet and innocent chemistry between the characters of Willow and Chase is adorable, but that doesn’t mean this relationship will proceed without issues. Fans are feeling certain that she’ll come to feel torn between Chase and Michael — knowing that Michael knows her story, and happens to have a close tie to the baby she thinks is her biological son.

The new character of Hank has popped up in Port Charles, and he’ll be sticking around, it seems. As the Inquisitr previously detailed, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Hank will have ties to some other folks in Port Charles. He will cross paths with Drew, but that’s not all viewers will see of him in the coming days.

The new preview for the week shows Hank interacting with Jason, saying that he hopes to see him again. Jason notes that he’s sure they’ll cross paths again — and it looks like Jason is holding a book that may be another copy of the same one Daisy gave Kristina.

Viewers have speculated that Hank might be tied to the group Daisy’s involved with, and all signs point toward this ultimately being bad news for Kristina and Oscar. The show teases that Hank will be central in a new mystery — and General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps hint that this mystery could cause new challenges for Sam and Jason’s pending reunion.

The sneak peek also teases that there’s a moment coming that viewers won’t believe. After this tease, they show Laura being surprised by somebody. These two teasers may not actually be connected, but fans know there’s big stuff on the way for Laura, with the Ryan storyline escalating.

Who will figure out that Ryan has been impersonating Kevin? What’s Hank’s deal — and could he pan out to be dangerous as he touches numerous lives in Port Charles? General Hospital spoilers suggest that things will get pretty juicy in the days ahead, and viewers won’t want to miss what’s on the way next.