'General Hospital' 2019 Spoilers: Relationships Blossom Throughout Port Charles In The New Year

Viewers won't be seeing a new episode of General Hospital on Tuesday, but 2019 kicks into high gear with a new show on Wednesday and this should be a great year for anxious fans. Numerous relationships are in a state of change at the moment and the latest spoilers suggest that big shifts are in the works.

The latest print edition of Soap Opera Digest shares some General Hospital spoilers regarding what viewers can expect. Nina and Valentin have just reunited, but co-head writer Shelly Altman teases that this reunion will remain on shaky ground due to the secret he's hiding about Sasha not really being Nina's biological daughter.

General Hospital spoilers hint that viewers will see twists and turns on this front in the months ahead, as it sounds as if someone else will be revealed to have the other half of that necklace that Madeline left for Nina. There are several theories floating around regarding who Nina's true daughter might be, and when the truth emerges it will surely wreak havoc on Nina's relationship with Valentin.

Sonny and Carly will face challenges in their relationship in the coming year and General Hospital spoilers hint that this will be a major storyline in the coming weeks. All signs point toward him getting far too close to Margaux, and Altman says there's a surprising turn coming soon.

Jason and Sam have been inching closer and closer to a full reunion and She Knows Soaps notes that this may happen soon. However, General Hospital spoilers share that they will encounter some bumps along the way. As viewers know, her past is bubbling up to create renewed drama for her, and Altman details that all of this will impact Jason and Sam in some unexpected ways.

Anna and Finn are in a good place for now, but they're facing shockers soon, too. Specifically, Anna is about to face some sort of stunning event and this will affect Jason and others in Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers hint that this shocker for Anna involves Cassandra and the mysterious Cassadine connection, and fans will be curious to see where the writers head with this lingering storyline. Will this development help Anna and Finn or tear them apart?

Elizabeth and Franco put their wedding on hold after Kiki's death, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that there's still hard stuff to work through regarding Aiden. Luckily, it doesn't sound there's necessarily any relationship drama on the horizon for Liz and Franco. She's going to surprise him in some way soon that'll be dramatic and exciting, but fans will have to hang tight to learn more about the timing on this front.

In addition to developments with these couples, General Hospital hints at drama involving Willow, Chase, Michael, Peter, Maxie, and Kristina in regard to all of their love lives as well. Fans have a lot to look forward to in 2019, and the action begins with the episode airing on Wednesday, January 2.