Find Out Why Jinger Duggar Got Some Flak For Sweet Napping Photo Of Felicity


You have to wonder how a photo that Jinger Duggar shared on social media of daughter Felicity taking a nap could possibly get any kind of flak from people. But it happened, and it once again involved those cute little headbands that the baby wears quite often.

It’s almost like a never ending battle when it comes to little Felicity’s head wear. Jinger puts them on her little head in almost every photo she posts. Lately, she has been seen wearing those knotted headbands that is all the rage these days. Many celebrities use them on their babies, so the Duggar daughter certainly isn’t alone. A recent photo posted a few days ago on Jinger’s Instagram page showed an up-close snapshot of her 5-month-old daughter sleeping away.

She is seen huddled under a blue baby blanket with her chubby cheeks and small hands in full view. Felicity also had on a black and white striped knotted wrap on her tiny head while she was sleeping. Most Duggar fans were quick in expressing how adorable she is in nap mode.

However, some people chimed in that the little girl looked really uncomfortable with that big knot at the top of her head while she is napping. They expressed concerns that she couldn’t roll her head over very well with the knot in the way. Fans chided them for slamming Jinger’s parenting skills. They sent out reminders that she may have been right there beside her daughter to make sure she was okay.

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Afternoon nap after a social morning. ????

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It seems that those headbands have caused quite a stir lately. This isn’t the only time that the comments have turned towards that topic. Jinger Duggar is obviously a big fan of them and chooses to have Felicity wear them often. She is very photogenic and Duggar fans enjoy as many pictures as they can get on social media. They can’t seem to get enough of her adorable expressions.

It appears that Jinger and Jeremy took their baby girl on a trip to Pennsylvania to visit with the Vuolo family for Christmas. There are photos with Jeremy’s mom and his brother and sister as well.

It’s safe enough to assume that Jinger and Jeremy did not make it to the Duggar family Christmas this year. But they could show up sometime afterwards to possibly have a family visit after the holidays. Keep watching for more Felicity photos on both of her parent’s Instagram accounts.