LeAnn Rimes Hairstyle Update: ‘I Got Banged!’

LeAnn Rimes Hairstyle

LeAnn Rimes‘ hairstyle has been updated — interestingly enough, after Michelle Obama’s fringed inaugural turn — and the country singer has dished on Twitter about “getting banged.”

LeAnn Rimes‘ hairstyle is not unlike the First Lady’s, and it seems heavy bangs are coming back into style in a big way. The look is a commitment — anyone who has ever grown out bangs can attest to this fact — but also a fashion perennial, and signature look for many Hollywood legends.

CBS also pointed out the trend including LeAnn Rimes’ hairstyle, noting:

“Rimes, 30, is just the most recent celebrity to debut new some facial fringe. Michelle Obama debuted her new bangs just days before the Presidential Inauguration, and Britney Spears and Kate Middleton have both been sporting bangs since late last year … Rimes’ new album, Spitfire, is due out this spring.”

According to Us, after Rimes’ hairstyle was complete and her hair “did,” the country star still opted to spend Grammy night in instead of out, and the mag reports:

” ‘I’m hanging with my hubby and his babies,’ Rimes tweeted of Eddie Cibrian, 39, and stepsons Mason, 9, and Jake, 5. The Borrowed singer added that she ‘almost’ walked the red carpet, ‘but I like my pj’s better.’ “

In addition to bangs, the new hairstyle sported by LeAnn Rimes features a more muted, coffee-tinged blonde than she has favored in the past, with the lighter strands closer to the ends — a very natural take on highlights.

Below is LeAnn Rimes’ hairstyle tweet — do you think bangs are making a big comeback?