Republicans Beginning To Believe Donald Trump ‘Unfit’ To Be President, Says Watergate Reporter

Carl Bernstein, the veteran reporter who uncovered the Watergate scandal, said Sunday that the Republicans are beginning to believe that Donald Trump is “unfit” to be president, the Hill reports.

According to Bernstein, there are a number of reasons members of the Republican Party are starting to turn on Donald Trump, with the main ones being that he is unfit to be president “on psychological grounds,” because of his foreign policy, and due to the fact that he has displayed a “contempt” for the law.

“What the Mattis letter has done in a monumental way is to push Republicans into making some real judgments,” the Watergate reporter said.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Trump’s decision to withdraw American troops from Syria and Afghanistan was widely condemned and criticized. The unexpected announcement also prompted the resignation of Defense Secretary James Mattis.

Although Trump announced via Twitter that Mattis would be “retiring” at the end of February, the defense secretary’s letter revealed that he has not retired, but in fact quit.

“I believe it is right for me to step down from my position,” Mattis wrote, suggesting that Trump finds someone whose views on foreign policy are more aligned with his.

Parts of the letter were interpreted as criticism of Donald Trump and his policies. According to White House officials briefed on the matter, Donald Trump “hates” Mattis’ resignation letter, as much as the fact that Mattis was perceived as the “adult in the room,” someone meant to curb the president’s worst impulses. The commander-in-chief is reportedly “irritated by this notion here in Washington that he is sometimes in need of adult daycare.”

According to Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein, Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan has made a number of members of the Republican Party conclude that Trump is “unfit” to be president.

“They’re talking to each other, there is coming to be a much greater consensus that he is unfit to be the President of the United States.”

While it remains unclear who exactly Bernstein is referring to, many Republicans have publicly criticized Trump’s most recent foreign policy decisions. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, perceived to be a Trump ally, viciously criticized the president for withdrawing American troops from Syria, suggesting that the decision is paving the way to “another 9/11.”

“If we continue on our present course we are setting in motion the loss of all our gains and paving the way toward a second 9/11,” Lindsey Graham said, according to the Washington Examiner.

Notably, as detailed by a previous Inquisitr report, libertarian-leaning Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul praised the president, while criticizing neoconservatives and “warmongers.”

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