Jenny McCarthy Defends Cousin Melissa McCarthy Following Nasty Review

Melissa McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy has come to the defense of her cousin, Melissa McCarthy, following film critic Rex Reed’s nasty review of Identify Thief.

The actress, model, and author recently jumped to the defense of her cousin after the film critic made some very ugly remarks about Melissa’s appearance in the film. According to Access Hollywood, Jenny is none too pleased with Reed’s behavior.

She explained:

“When you have talent, you have talent. People shouldn’t personally attack anyone who’s in front of the camera. Judge the work, but not the way someone looks.”

Jenny McCarthy said Hollywood has a tendency to pigeonhole people based on their looks. She added that her willingness to exploit how the industry works allowed her to build a successful career.

McCarthy said:

“I came out here posing for Playboy, it’s the first thing I did… I might get stereotyped as a bimbo or a sexpot. I have to realize that I’m playing a character and they’re buying into that, when really, I’m really freaking smart.”

As for Rex Reed, Jenny said she found his recent behavior “obnoxious”. McCarthy told E! News, “for anyone to attack like that, it’s just wrong and hurtful, and it doesn’t do anyone any good—not even Rex Reed, you know?”

In his review of Identity Thief, the film critic referred to Melissa McCarthy as a “hippo” and described her appearance as “tractor-sized.” Reed recently attempted to explain the reasons for his mean-spirited review during a recent interview.

He said to Mark Simone at WOR 710:

“She is basing her career on being obnoxious and being overweight. And I don’t think that’s funny. I have too many friends that have died of obesity-related illnesses, heart problems and diabetes, and I have actually lost friends to this. I don’t care how much she weighs. I don’t care how much Melissa McCarthy weighs. She wants to be fat? Mark, she’s crying all the way to the bank.”

Are you a fan of Jenny and Melissa McCarthy? What do you think about Rex Reed’s review of Identity Thief?

[Image by Wikimedia Commons]